Geef een portie SELF-time cadeau met de Kerst Giftsets

Give a little bit of SELF time with our Christmas Giftsets

November is already at its end, how time flies… We’re creeping closer to decorating lights and Christmas trees. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year: all those Christmas parties with friends but admit it, it can be exhausting! From one party to the next, let’s not even mention the long gift hunt! Because what do you get all of your friends and family? Well here’s our advice: SELF has 2 luxurious Christmas Giftsets available this year, so feel free to spoil your friends, mom and sisters a little extra this year!


SELF Skin Treasure

Winter is here, and it isn’t good on your skin. The rough, dry Winter skin requires adjusted care and this cold weather is the ideal excuse for some more me-time. Meet our SELF Skin Treasure Set, containing the Fine Delicate Body Butter, Fine Deluxe Bodyscrub and the Soft Luxurious Lipbalm. These products nurture and protect the skin from harmful external influences. They’re 100% natural and completely vegan! The power resides in the combination of shea butter, argan oil, coconut, macadamia and aloe vera.


The Fine Deluxe Bodyscrub

Scrubbing is an important part of the Winter routine. By scrubbing at least once to twice a week, you’ll be helping out your skin by removing all dead skin cells. Making room for a healthy and elegant tint! The Fine Deluxe Bodyscrub is a mild scrub, based on salt minerals obtained from the Dead Sea. It contains only plant based oils, that provide intense nutrition for you skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Did you know the bodyscrub is lovely in baths as well? Simply add a spoon to hot, streaming water. The natural scents provide and ultimate moment of relaxation and your skin will feel soft again!


The Fine Delicate Body Butter

After scrubbing, it’s time to provide some nutrition for the skin. In this gift set you’ll find the Fine Delicate Body Butter, a right butter that simply melts on your skin. Its 100% natural ingredients nurture the skin and optimize its restoration. The Body Butter hydrates your skin, leaving dry skin no chance!


Soft Luxurious Lipbalm

Dry, cracked lips: we all have to deal with it. An annoying and painful little ache, that’s why you shouldn’t forget about your lips during Winter. They deserve just as much care as your skin!. Our Soft Luxurious Lipbalm is completely natural and vegan, the ingredients protect and restore the skin.


SELF Christmas Glow

Looking for a healthy facial glow? You can get one with the right care. SELF Christmas Glow is an absolute miracle worker among the gift sets! This package contains the All Day Dreamer day cream, the Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion, the Boost of Softness konjac sponge and the Soft Luxurious lipbalm.


All Day Dreamer day cream

The skin is in contact with all kinds of bad external influences throughout the day. Our skin barrier protects us against all of these, think of bacteria and dirt. So you’re better of keeping your barrier strong and healthy!

The All Day Dreamer day cream is a rejuvenating and restoring day cream. Just as any other of our products, this cream is completely natural and vegan. Next to protecting your skin, this day cream provides the optimal hydration, giving your winter skin the nutrition it needs to feel silky smooth again.


Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion

A day cream can only work when the skin is cleansed. This is best done with a soft cleansing milk, like our Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion. This facial milk has a cleansing effect: removing impurities and makeup, while simultaneously hydrating your skin. Due to its mild formula, this facial milk is suitable for the sensitive skin and the delicate areas around the eyes.


Boost of Softness konjac sponge

Have you heard of our konjac sponge yet? After applying the cleansing milk, you can use this sponge to purify the skin in an all natural, mild manner. A konjac sponge is comprised in a unique way and is well known for its exofiating effect. It cleanses and provides nutrition for the skin, without damaging the pH-value.


Soft Luxurious Lipbalm

Just like the SELF Skin Treasure Set, this package contains our Soft Luxurious lipbalm. Our lips often get forgotten, but they deserve just as much care as the skin does!


Enjoy! Xx Team SELF