Heb ik mijn voornemens van 2016 gehaald?

Have I achieved my 2016 resolutions?

Ohlalaaa, we're almost counting down to the new year!! It seems like 2016 flew by and there was still so much to do on my list. Oh, oh, oh. What resolutions did I make at the beginning of 2016 and where am I now?

I think that more sports is the most stated goal in the world. Everyone starts the new year with good courage and full enthusiasm. Maybe a few extra pounds have stuck around after the holidays and we all think, “I'm going to exercise more in the new year!!” Oh yes, me too! And did it work? I've been three times in total… oh, oh, I can't even start thinking about excuses. This goal is clearly a FAIL.

I love to travel very much. And on my to-do list there is something else that I would really like to do in 2016: make more time for backpacking and take a fantastic tour. Unfortunately it didn't happen due to lack of time, but who knows what kind of wonderful trip awaits me in the future... So I'd like to postpone this to the new year!

What I did succeed in: making more time for my family! Even though I founded my own brand Self , I think it is really important that I make enough time for my family. Finding a work-life balance is something that many people have difficulty with. There are so many demands these days, so much flexibility, checking your emails around the clock and so on. Sometimes you almost forget your private life. Do not!! I have searched for and found a nice balance and I am very happy that I achieved this goal in 2016!

Of course my big dream was also among my goals for 2016. 2016 would be the year in which I launched Self and yay hurray! I DID IT! It sometimes takes blood, sweat and tears (not literally phew) but my brand is doing great! Sometimes even above expectations because, for example, I did not return empty-handed from the prestigious Pure Beauty Awards in London in October! I am also so happy with all the support you give me and all the fantastic reviews, that's why I do it!! So as the end of the year approaches, I would like to thank you again ! I wish I could do it one by one in person. Dear Self lovers, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And what are my resolutions for 2017? You'll read that next week! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!