Hoe goed zorg jij voor jezelf?

How well do you take care of yourself?

October 10: Mental Health Day. Another theme day, I hear you think. Indeed, but if there is one day that I find truly indispensable, it is this one. Self-care is important, and in these crazy times even vital.

Mental Health Day aims to make mental problems open for discussion. A theme that is close to my heart. Did you know that in our country as many as four in ten Belgians will have to deal with depression at some point? In 2020, we still hide our worries too much. A theme day for mental health care remains essential. There is no quick fix for heart pain and stress. However, I would like to give you some tips that can soften the rough edges.

Talk about it

How often do you talk openly about your feelings? And I don't mean quickly venting to your bestie about how busy-busy-busy you are, but about real, deep conversations. If you ask me, we don't do that enough. My golden tip? Don't keep your worries to yourself. During my years as a psychologist, I (too) often encountered women who had completely lost themselves after years of silence and struggle. Getting help is a good thing, but it is such a shame that many wait so long. The faster you tackle problems, the easier they are to solve. And of course, not everyone needs to go to a psychologist with their concerns (although I personally think that such a refresher for your mind was a timely relief). Conversations with your partner, girlfriend, mother, colleague... can also be very valuable. What matters is that you have someone with whom you can be 100% transparent.

Don't say no

Do you sometimes feel obliged to say yes, while deep inside you say no? Many women are masterful yes-men. Admittedly, this remains an area of ​​work for me as well. It seems difficult to refuse, but believe me, it is liberating. See it as a way to stand up for yourself. The more you do it, the better you get at it 🙂 .

Tip: We often feel obliged to justify our no. Stop that! You don't have to explain to the other person why you refuse. Better keep it short and sweet. Easy and clear.

Break the facade

I like real people. 'If it doesn't sound right, it will clash' is my motto. There's no point in going to endless lengths to please others or appear strong, right? Dare to be yourself, with all the beautiful and less beautiful sides that come with it. You are really good the way you are. Learn to love yourself. If you could use some help with this, be sure to read this blog about self-love . Remember that no one is perfect. We urgently need to get rid of that perfect picture. Life is not always roses and moonshine. So let's not pretend. Making yourself vulnerable takes courage, but I am convinced that the world would be a much better place if we all tried it more often.

An exercise: Making yourself vulnerable does not mean that you have to share everything right away. Take it step by step and be open about what is on your heart. For example, instead of posting yet another breakfast photo, post an image of yourself on Instagram and write about how vulnerable it feels to share that photo of yourself.

We bet you will be surprised by the nice reactions? Give it a try and let me know how it went!

Take care of yourself

I don't know about you, but the ongoing corona crisis is having a hard time here at times. I'm a sociable animal and I feel best with nice people around me. It sometimes bothers me that we have to continue to limit our contacts. And I'm not alone. Many experts warn about the impact of corona on our mental well-being. Magically removing the *** virus in 1-2-3 is not possible. You can, however, make it a point to take extra good care of yourself during this period. And I'm not just talking about applying a lick of Body Butter (although that is a nice pampering moment J). Dare to put yourself first more often. Leave the laundry, the bathroom, your work... for a moment and take time for the things you really enjoy.

Tip: no inspiration? Settle into the seat in a quiet moment. Take a pen and paper to hand and have a mini brainstorming session with yourself. Where do you get energy from? Walking, a quick jog, a lovely long bath, putting together a bouquet of flowers... Don't stop until you have at least 20 energy givers on your list. Ideal to bring out when you need it.

What do you do to keep your head healthy? Let me know!

Take care of yourself!