Konjac spons, your skin's new best friend!

Konjac sponge, your skins new best friend!

Do you know this feeling of an impure and dull skin? As if it’s lost all its brilliance? It feels dry, rough, not smooth… Just a lousy feeling. As if nothing helps to make your skin shine again… Good news, it’s just an impression!

The feeling of dullness is often the product of accumulation of dead skin cells, seasonal changes and make-up leftovers, etc. Our skin looks older, is badly nurtured, almost smothered and loses all its brilliance. Dirt accumulates, pores are clogged and generate a rough skin. This might seem awkward but it isn’t. The good news is the process of skin renewal just needs a slight exfoliation of the skin.

Our SELF face scrub is totally natural and contains a mix of the best oils to nurture and rejuvenate skin. This scrub is specially developed to offer our skin what it needs! Crushed raspberry seeds, minerals and enzymes eliminating impurities, will cure your skin and give its brilliance back! Who wouldn’t want this?!

You can stimulate your skin a bit more by using our natural scrubbing-tool, the Konjac Sponge. This sponge cleans dead skin cells and impurities, helping your skin to re-oxygenate and cure. I must admit, at first I did not know myself what a Konjac sponge was. Furthermore, I wasn’t totally sure if it was trustable. I tried it myself for half a year. Wow!! It contributes to a soft subtle scrub!

This sponge is made of the Konjac plant, naturally present in the warm zones of Japan and Indonesia. The plant is reputed for its contribution to deep skincare and soft scrubbing. It’s very soft and elastic, you can use it for your face and neck! I use these sponges to clean my makeup, easy and quick! These sponges are ideal for daily use, even for very sensitive skin!! You should have a look at our specials! To brighten up your beauty ritual a bit more we opted for the SELF Konjac-hart!

Such a succulent SELF-moment!