Nieuw jaar, nieuwe plannen!

New year, new plans!

The start of a new year traditionally comes with a lot of good intentions. There is a good chance that you too have set new goals. Maybe this year you plan to lose a few kilos, exercise more often or spend more time with your family? Or do you want to finally land that dream job this year or give up the damn cigarette? Although you can in principle choose a new start on any day of the year, January has something magical. At the start of a new year, everything seems possible. Yes, also realizing your biggest dreams!

Although there is one important condition for the success of all those beautiful dreams. You must substantiate your goals well and pursue them with patience. In short, you need a plan, and preferably one of the long-term kind. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Is your list of New Year's goals not yet ready and could you use some inspiration? Or are you curious about the SELF team's good intentions? These are our favorites!

Less disposable

Pre-packed fruit and vegetables: easy, yes, but they also unknowingly bring a lot of waste into your home. Nowadays there are a lot of nice reusable bags. Convenient and environmentally friendly. We are taking them to the supermarket even more faithfully this year. At SELF sustainable packaging materials are also one of our top priorities. For example, we consciously choose high-quality plastics with an environmentally friendly recycling process, lids made from compressed waste wood and packaging made from recycled cardboard.

PS: Did you know that we can also ship our products without outer packaging upon simple request?

Byebye cotton balls

Did you know that the average woman throws away 1050 cotton pads every year? I also used cotton pads for a long time, until I became aware of their impact. At SELF we are firmly committed to zero-waste make-up pads. A small effort, a big result! Our handmade pads feel super soft on the skin and are perfect for the delicate area around your eyes and lips. Try it yourself.

Less is more

You leave the supermarket with half a cart full of extras that were not on your list. At the cash register of the clothing store you quickly grab an extra scarf to add to the rest of your collection. Recognizable? Impulse purchases not only put a strain on your budget, but also on your closet space. Before you know it, your cupboards will be overflowing with unused items. I am often amazed at how many care products women have in the bathroom. Spreads worth hundreds of euros that are approaching their expiry date unused. That is why we argue for less is more. Choose one care brand that you are truly satisfied with. A happy dance on our part if that turns out to be SELF .

Buy Belgian

As an entrepreneur, my heart bleeds every time I hear that a promising Belgian brand or company is forced to close its books. Every company works with blood, sweat, and yes, sometimes tears, to achieve a big dream. I understand that the lure of large budget chains is sometimes difficult to resist, but how gloomy would your municipality or city look if all local traders had to close their doors? As a thoroughly Belgian brand, we believe that we can do more together than alone. If every Belgian chooses Belgian more often, we will come a long way!

More time for myself

It is no coincidence that during a plane trip you are told that in the event of an emergency you must first put on the oxygen mask before helping your child. Only those who take good care of themselves can also be there for others. We all know that, but how often do we live it? This year I promise myself to schedule a date with myself every week. An hour of me-time with a book, a portion of pampering with the SELF Boost or Indulgence facial mask, a lovely bath or a chat with friends: plenty of options!

Lavish with attentions

A sweet compliment, a smile to a passerby on the street, a spontaneous helping hand... It costs you nothing and gives you and the other person an instant good feeling. Just as a sweet gift, as a thank you for a dinner, for childcare or simply... because you are happy that the other person is in your life. At SELF we know how much meaning such a gift can have. That's why we developed gift sets that are not only beautiful, but also make a difference. A portion of time, packaged in a beautiful SELF box. Nice to give and receive.

I am very curious about which resolutions you chose this year. Be sure to let me know! Because hey, together we are strong!