Onder de loep: essentiële oliën in huidverzorging

Taking a closer look: essential oils in skin care

More and more people are choosing for a natural style of skin care. This is something I can only encourage as I live by the principle that whatever you put on your skin, you should be able to eat, as the skin is our largest organ. Anything you put on your skin has an effect on your health!

SELF is 100% natural and each ingredient has been selected with care and attention for their proven efficiency. One of those ingredients are essential oils, something you will have heard of before! But what are they exactly, what are their benefits and why is it something you find in skin care? Let me tell you all about it today!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils, or etheric oils, have been used by many different cultures around the world for over a thousand years because of their medical benefits and qualities. Essential oils are the purest substances extracted from plants and are very concentrated. You may know them from aromatherapy, where oils are used to spread a pleasant scent around your house. But these oils also have a great effect on your skin and thus are being used more and more in skin care.

There are many different methods to produce these oils, but the most common way the oils get collected is by steam distillation, creating a high concentration of healthy substances.

Pros and cons

Essential oils are all natural, but they aren’t always portrayed in a positive way. Some experts claim these essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly onto your skin, as the high concentration may cause irritation. This is correct, however essential oils are very beneficial for the skin and to your health.

Applying a high amount could lead to irritations for some people, but you know what they say: anything goes, but in moderation! These oils do have benefits, which I will lay out for you with pleasure!

The power of plants

For SELF I’ve chosen to use mandarin and geranium oils, because both have proven beneficial effects for your skin! Mandarin oils works against cellulite and stretch marks, and it reinforces the skin. Geranium oil is a wonder cure provided by mother nature and has anti-inflammatory effects, it also regulates the production of tallow and stimulates the healing of the skin. As I told you, a wonder cure! SELF is the result of a long search for the best ingredients mother nature has to offer.

By the way, did you know that a combination of these two oils create the typical fresh SELF scent? Pure oils are the best of what nature has to offer, and nothing is as good as an all natural scent. Personally I don’t care for these chemical scents or synthetic perfumes, as they can be bad for your health. Essential oils often get used in skin care due to their pleasant aromas, but I chose to use these ingredients for both their scents and their beneficial effects on our health!

SELF only contains a small amount of these substances, this is why anyone rarely shows any irritations or reactions to them. Curious to know more about SELF’s ingredients? Well you can find more information right over here! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions you might have concerning etheric oils or our products.