Relax! Je huid zal je dankbaar zijn!

Relax! Your skin will thank you!

Stress is a real culprit for the skin. It can even go so far as to trigger the skin to develop eczema or psoriasis. But stress can also cause smaller skin problems.

What does stress do to your skin?!

Stress attacks the barrier function (more about that later in a separate article!). As you know, our skin barrier is our first and most important defense against harmful influences. When you are under a lot of stress, your skin is more vulnerable and therefore more susceptible to bacteria. The result: our immune system has to endure extra strain! This greatly increases the chance of an allergy, you may suffer more from impurities and acne, your skin may show some irritations or look dull. That could all be the fault of too much stress!

Stress causes less blood circulation to the skin, so it receives less food and cortisol (the stress hormone) will also ensure that less collagen is produced, causing wrinkles to appear much faster! Stress accelerates skin aging!

In short: RELAX!!! Coming soon are some articles to help you relax and live in the moment! But for now, try to enjoy every free moment and forget about work worries once you get home!