SELF-ingrediënt: de kracht van kokosolie

SELF Ingredient: The Power of Coconut Oil

Fun fact: World Coconut Day falls on the 2nd of September. Granted, it seems strange thing to grace with a day of its own, but this exotic coconut oil has had a place in many kitchens for centuries and chances are there’s something coconutty in your cabinets as well. But lately this has been gaining popularity in the skin care world as well. When I went searching for the best and most natural ingredients for SELF I discovered all about this beautiful and tropical treasure. Coconut has no shortage of benefits for your skin because it’s stuffed with healthy ingredients. And World Coconut Day has to be the perfect opportunity to share some coco-love!

A tropical beauty secret

I don’t know about you, but when I think of coconuts I only see pearl white beaches and palm trees (and maybe a bounty as well), so it’s no surprise that coconuts grow in tropical areas such as Papua-new-guinea, Samoa and the Philippines . For centuries coconut has been used by many civilizations as a means for skin care and even as medicines. Due to its restoring properties coconut oil can be used to treat wounds, cuts, bruises and even fractures. This tropical beauty secret has been passed down from generation to generation so it’s no wonder that the local folk always has beautiful and silky smooth skin. They also have beautiful, soft and strong hair! Want to know the secret? Coconut obviously!

Natural beauty maker

The last few years coconut has been portrayed more frequently in the news, both positively and negatively. One would claim coconut is bad due to the presence of saturated fats, while the other claims coconut is a product that can perform miracles. This has given coconuts a bad reputation, but who can we believe when every source contradicts the others?

That coconut would be bad for your health is simply not true at all! Let’s make that clear from the start. We’re taught that saturated fats are bad because they can lead to obesity and heart-and-valve diseases. But coconut is actually good for the heart! It’s just a matter of making the distinction between animal based saturated fats and plant based saturated fats such as coconut oil, which is in fact beneficial for your health and skin! Coconut oil consists of nearly 90% saturated fats, these are MFA (medium-chain fatty acids) that get absorbed very quickly by the body and are in fact good for you.

The ingredients

The power of coconut is hidden in its ingredients. Coconut is rich in lauric acid, capric acid and antioxidants. Lauric acid is a natural ingredient you’ll find in our skins and protects against bacteria, fungi and viruses. These fatty acids have a natural influence on the skin’s elasticity and keep our skins silky smooth. The antioxidants in coconut oil also have an important function as they protect the skin against premature aging and free radicals.

Because coconut oil consists of small molecules, the oil is easily absorbed by the skin and is an excellent source of hydration and nutrition for your skin. This is incredibly important as many skin care products leave a layer on top of the skin meaning the skin won’t be able to breath. Coconut oil, on the other hand, immediately enters the skin and offers nutrition from within! The complete list of ingredients can be viewed over here:

Coconut oil for skin problems

Because coconut oil gets absorbed into the skin at a fast rate and offers an incredible hydration, this ingredient could be crucial in treating afflictions such as eczema or psoriasis. When experiencing skin problems, the skin barrier is usually damaged and so you’ll have to be extra careful! You can just put whatever you want on your skin and it’s crucially important to look for ingredients that enhance the barrier and restore it. Because of the natural presence of fatty acids in coconut oil, it can counter inflammation and soothe red spots on the skin.


SELF, 100% natural and durable

At SELF we tend to use a high percentage of coconut oil in our products because of its proven benefits. When I found out my daughter had eczema from a very early age I made it my mission to look for a product that actually worked! That’s how SELF was born: our products are 100% natural, durable and specifically designed for skin problems. They offer relievement and aid the skin’s restoration.