Stop huidveroudering, start vandaag!

Stop skin aging, start today!

You can combat skin aging with the right creams, serums, treatments and some of us also get some outside help here and there with an appointment for some fillers or botox. But you can also work on it every day with these five tips:


Cigarettes are a real poison for your skin. It affects your skin so much that skin aging is accelerated. If you stop smoking, you immediately reduce the risk of those ugly smoke lines around your mouth. And of course, you are not only working against skin aging, but you are also working on your general health!


Add a little more glamor to your life and make sure your sunglasses are standard in your handbag from now on. Get into the habit of wearing it when the light is too bright and you start to squint, because then you are causing wrinkles by the physical act of squinting, but also by not protecting your eye contour against UV radiation. So put on those sunglasses more often!


This is of course no longer a secret, but wear a protective SPF factor EVERY day. Winter, spring, summer or autumn, protect your skin every day and start today!! A day cream with a basic SPF is great to protect your skin during the dark days. Every day that you walk around unprotected, even if the sun only occasionally peeks through the clouds, is a day on which you can suffer sun damage, which translates into pigmentation spots or wrinkles. In summer, however, your skin needs more. You can opt for a day cream with a protective factor, but it is even better to apply a separate sun factor over your skincare routine. You need to apply a sunscreen several times a day, don't forget this! It is of course easier and cheaper to apply the filter several times a day instead of a more expensive day cream that only contains a lower filter. SPF 50 is certainly not an unnecessary luxury and no worries, even with SPF 50 you will still catch some color from the sun, but you will protect your skin against accelerated skin aging!