Stralend terug naar school: verzorging voor de jonge huid

Back to school with a glow: caring for the youthful skin

That time is here again: the Summer vacation has run its course for many children. After two months of blissful vacation all these children are expected back in class. It always takes a bit of adjustment, for the kids and for the parents. All that stress in the mornings to get everyone ready, pack everyone’s lunch and get everyone out of the door. So in the midst of these busy mornings, you usually won’t have time for some skin care. But our young ones skin is fragile and requires adjusted care, so today I’ll be sharing some tips and hopefully everyone can walk out of the front door with a glow on their skins!

Caring for every skin type

I can’t stress this enough, but all skin care starts with knowing your type of skin. There are several different skin types and every one has different needs. You can’t treat a skin problem without knowing the cause!

Generally skin types can be sorted in the following categories:

  • Normal, a healthy and balanced skin.

  • Dry skin that feels rough, raw or itchy. A dry skin can be the cause of a shortage of certain substances or moisture.

  • Greasy skin, shining and prone to acne, enlarged pores.

  • Mixed skin, the T-zone will usually feel greasier than other zones. This type of skin can also be an indication of certain shortages.

The normal skin is a balanced skin. The pores are fine and the skin feels soft and flexible. This type of skin also has a correct blood circulation. The normal skin is a healthy skin and the barrier protects the body from external influences. But you’ll still have to care and cleanse it, in the mornings as well as the evenings. Unfortunately we can’t all be blessed with this type of skin. A mixed or greasy skin is often an indication of a shortage of certain substances in your body.

During puberty the body undergoes a lot of changes that can influence your skin. That’s why teenagers usually suffer from a greasy, shiny skin and acne. A shiny skin can mean that there is an overproduction of tallow because the skin needs more nutrition. People will start using aggressive products that can lead to a dry skin and you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle, so don’t do it! The combination of a shiny skin and acne can be so annoying! But what exactly is the cause of acne?

The cause of acne

Acne is certainly unpleasant and can affect your self confidence. Nevertheless skin problems like acne shouldn’t be considered taboo because it’s actually perfectly normal. During puberty the body changes and due to hormonal changes you could experience skin problems. Acne is one of those!

Impurities are a result of dead skin cells and tallow clogging the pores. While going through puberty the production of tallow will increase, and will result in clogged pores more often. This can lead to clogged glands, and result in black pimples due to dead skin cells, or white pimples due to tallow accumulating. So when the bacteria Propionibacterium Acnes develops in these glands an infection will occur. Resulting in those annoying red pimples!

But there can be other causes besides this bacteria that can lead to acne. For example using the wrong cosmetics, stress, sugary foods, the sun or smoking can be the underlying condition when experiencing skin problems.

Caring for the younger and acne-prone skin

At SELF we don’t believe in a complex routine using dozens of products that you don’t even know the actual use for. I know, a lot of skin care brands can provide a lot of products that our skin doesn’t even need. The most important thing to remember are the following steps: cleansing, soothing and nurturing/hydrating. Our products are rich, 100% and will be absorbed by your skin!

Step 1: using mild cleansers

There are a lot of products available and specifically designed for the acne-prone skin, but the problem with these products are that they’re usually very aggressive. They can aggravate your existing problems and even damage your skin’s barrier, which protects against external influences. So what can you do? First of all cleansing the skin on a daily basis, as well as in the mornings as in the evenings, using a mild cleanser. Our Boost of Freshness Lotion is mild and removes any heaped up tallow and dead skin cells, giving those gross bacteria no chances to grow.

Step 2: scrubbing to clear pores

Twice a week, after applying the Lotions, I’ll use the Boost of Oxygen Facial Scrub, a mild and natural scrub based on grains of rice to cleanse the pores. They’ll remove any dead skin cells and provides the skin with the nutrition it needs on a deep and intensive level. Most scrubs available at the moment are very rough and aggressive and can lead to further damage to the skin. Our scrub is specifically designed for the sensitive skin and that’s what sets us apart!

Step 3: nurture the skin with day and night cream

The skin is exposed to external influences day and night. Our All Day Dreamer day cream and our All Night Starlight night cream are 100% natural and contain active ingredients that restore your skin throughout the day or night and protects against harmful influences.

Do you have any more questions about skin types or our products? Don’t hesitate to contact me through mail at!

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