Valentijn, dat is liefde voelen voor iedereen

Valentine's Day means feeling love for everyone

Valentine, the day of love. It is the day when we thank our partner for his or her support and unconditional love. You can of course feel love for everyone, maybe you feel love for your four-legged friend, your sweet daughter, son or that nice neighbor who does so much for you. Two weeks ago, many SELF lovers shared photos with the person, a pet or sometimes even an item that they would like to highlight on this day. No 'cliché' Valentine's blog today, but one filled with all your sweet photos and thank you notes. And there are a lot of them!

For all families, the sweetest kids and grandchildren

We received so many beautiful photos of families, kids and grandchildren and with the nicest thank you's! There are just too many to list them all, but we would like to put a few extra in the spotlight. Nice to see all that love!

– Claudia B.: “The love of my life and my self-partner in crime! With both sensitive skin, we enjoy a moment of self together every day.”

– Fien V.S. about her son: “He gave me wrinkles, but they are wrinkles of pure love! :-)(and I also wanted to thank the dad who is behind the camera!) He is a great guy!”

– Sarah L.: “My great loves are my son and my husband. But because my son can very well use that voucher for self-made products for his eczema skin, I am posting a photo of him.”

-Linda P.: “My two wonderful daughters, tomorrow we will sign for our new house! Our freedom, our new beginning! The flowers will look so beautiful there! love Linda”


For all four-legged creatures

Because pets are always there for us, even in difficult times. The love you get from your four-legged friend is so pure, that's why all pets deserve some extra love on Valentine's Day!

– Nanette B.: “My girl pebbles! She has really emerged as a service dog over the past two years. Without formal training, she helps me with everything. And so good that we dared to take a big step last week. We moved out of the parental home and now live together.”

– Heidi D.W.: ” We ‘ve been through a lot togheter! Always by my side , solid as a rock! Unconditional love, My Furry Valentine”


For your support and rock

For that one special man or woman who always supports you through thick and thin. For that unconditional love that you always receive from him or her and the beautiful moments you have already experienced together.

– Carola N.: “My star who supports me in my rehabilitation”

– Fabienne Vdw: “My husband, my soulmate, my best friend, the best dad for our 2 daughters, the sweetest and most helpful person I know…”

– Iwan C.:” The love of my life. She puts a smile on my face, everyday again <3″

– Tijl G.: “I want to spoil my dearest wife Eveline and show that I love her to death. This way I do justice to my name as ValenTIJLtje with her!”


For family, the best grandparents, parents, sisters and friends

We received many photos from wonderful grandmothers who are always there for their grandchildren, thank yous for the very best parents, sisters and friends.

– Jackie T.: “My best friend Anja. Friends for 46 years!! Even if we are not lucky, our friendship can never be broken!!”

– Anne-mie B.: “SELF-ie with my sister just before I got married. Besides my sister, she is also my best friend!”

– Chloë V.: “That one special person… I would like to put extra effort into my bestie Stéphanie! Beautiful moments and moments with a tear. All wonderful memories! She deserves some extra pampering. The person, the friend who is always there for me. S&C”


For the specials

Last but not least: the specials. For example, Niel is a fan of his beautiful car and Nic is really happy with his glass of Duvel. Yes, you can really feel love for everyone and everything! 🙂 Thank you for all those beautiful photos and nice texts.

Kind regards Isabelle