Verwen jezelf met het SELF Loyalty Programma

Spoil yourself with SELF’s Loyalty Program

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas is around the corner! Okay, maybe not right around the corner, but I’ve caught that Christmas fever already. It’s undoubtedly the most beautiful and coziest period of the year, so I say you can start thinking of Christmas soon enough! That also means you can start unpacking your decorations and start hunting for presents. Are you buying yourself or your grandma, sisters or friends a SELF gift? Be sure to save up points through our SELF Loyalty Program. Let me tell you a little more about our points system.

Save up points and exchange them

Because you have been such amazing customers I went looking for a way to thank you. And voilà, the SELF Loyalty Program was born: a handy system that allows you to save up points in various ways. Every 100 points grants you €1 discount and when you saved up at least €5, you can use your discount in our webshop.

Points can be saved up in several ways:

1. Place an order and receive 2 points per euro.

2. Following us on Facebook grants you 50 points.

3. Leaving a product review grants you 300 points. This review can only be placed after purchasing the product.

4. Invite your friend(s) and if she or he placed an order, you receive 500 points. Your friend receives a €5 discount with their first purchase.

Have you saved up enough points (500)? Then you can trade it for a discount coupon. Let me explain how you can do that!


How do you use our program?

If you want to start saving you’ll have to create an account on our website first. You can do that over here or clicking on the icon in your top right corner. You will be asked to submit your information so we can ensure that your order reaches you correctly. No worries though, your information will be handled discretely and with the utmost care!

After logging in using your username and password you can access an overview of the complete program. Let me give you a little more information of the options!

Sponsorship program

As stated before, when inviting a friend and for every friend that placed an order you’ll receive 500 points. He or she will also immediately receive a €5 discount. Inviting can be done through social media, personal links, your email or through the form.

My rewards account

Curious to see how many points you’ve saved up already? You can view it easily on the page ‘Your saved loyalty points’. When you’ve saved 500 points you can trade them for a discount coupon.

Have you exchanged your points? You can view your discount on coupons. And you can use these when purchasing any product of your choice!


Not a SELF-lover yet? Don’t forget to create an account to start saving up points!