Five questions for Elke Willemen

Five questions for Elke Willemen

Elke Willemen, a well-known lady in the Belgian (and foreign) beauty world. She took off like a rocket into the beauty world at MAC Cosmetics, among others, and traveled the world for her job, until one day she was confronted with her own limits. Now she is an Inner & Outer Beauty Coach / Yoga Teacher and she has a very conscious approach to life. The perfect inspiring woman to pose our five questions to!

1. Everyone is busy these days. But at Self we attach a lot of attention to me-time! Do you plan enough time for yourself and how do you arrange the puzzle of work, family and me-time?

Since my burnout, I listen to my body much more and I enjoy taking me-time. While I used to have difficulty doing nothing or just doing what I feel like, I can now really benefit from this. to enjoy. I live more consciously and mindfully. 'My refuge' is nature, just going for a walk in the greenery and near the water, wonderful, then I completely relax. No phone and no obligations, just be.

The art of taking me-time is in your own mindset, consciously enjoying the little things can become me-time, it is mainly about staying alert that we can enjoy, take a deep breath and let go of everything with a sighing can be liberating. Schedule at least half an hour every day for me-sports time: exercise, yoga, walking, cycling, etc., anything, even if it just involves jumping rope, but let the energy flow. Instant happiness guaranteed.

Sometimes it is indeed a puzzle and some days it is easier than others. It is a fact that we need me-time, you not only reward yourself with it, but your entire environment benefits from it. Also try to sell it this way to those around you, your family, at work. You will have more energy to give if you take some time for yourself. I'm a strong believer 🙂

2. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn in life. What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would like to give my younger self quite a lot of advice, I would like to sit there for a few hours and coach them! haha. Some of that advice? Believe in yourself, love yourself, you are good enough and beautiful enough the way you are and trust the course of life. Listen to your intuition and dare to go for it, follow your dreams and do business. Dare to fail, make mistakes; perfection is boring and the journey is more important than the result. Spend enough time on yourself, your friends and your family! Connection, love and good health are the most important things in life.

3. What is your ultimate favorite address in Belgium?

My favorite me-time place? Wherever it is green or where water flows, or both. I live not far from the Scheldt where I can enjoy a beautiful sunset on the water. And on my yoga mat, preferably in the open air too.

My favorite work address is at House of Ape, a co-working space where I feel at home, where you can socialize with others in a community and exchange ideas and inspiration, while enjoying a nice coffee. It's fantastic to be able to work as a freelancer in a beautiful location and still be together. Inspiring.

A favorite coffee and eatery is Charlie's (Volkstraat 66) in Antwerp, Charlotte the owner is incredibly sweet, passionate and driven and remains modest. A warm place to stay where you can enjoy healthy food and drink coffee.

My favorite pampering address is at my hairdresser PuurGS in Puurs, Geert and his team welcome you with open arms and, above all, with a lot of humor and warmth. A real winner!
In September I will move to Antwerp Nieuwzuid and hope that I can turn my new apartment into my new ultimate favorite place 😉

4. How are you doing with your ambition? On fleek? Which goals are at the top of your priority list in 2017?

My goal and ambition is to support and inspire people wherever I can, to help them enjoy life more from self-love is my mission. As an inner & outer beauty coach, I work from the inside with nutrition tips, yoga and exercise and from the outside with make-up and hair; This way you get a total package that gives people more self-love, makes them shine more and can enjoy who they are more. I am still in the early and start-up phase, currently very small-scale, it would be nice to be able to grow and flourish.

5. Oh, you meet a genie-in-a-bottle and you get three wishes. They always say that you shouldn't reveal your wishes, but let's make an exception for once. What are your three wishes?

Dreams for myself:

Setting up a thriving coaching studio/program and hopefully setting up retreats in the future. Being able to see the world, combine travel and work
Got to meet a sweet, warm man to share everything with

Dreams for us:

Enjoying life, putting the flowers out there Having self-love so that we can share more with others More projects like 'Self'

Thank you very much Elke for this super inspiring conversation! I'm sure you will give many people a boost of energy and consciousness!

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