Wat schuim met je huid doet

What foam does to your skin

Washing your skin with a richly foaming shower gel: it is a daily routine for many people. I understand, the whole idea of ​​'the more foam, the better' was taught to us from a young age. But did you know that foam puts a lot of pressure on your skin? Today we all have modern skin, which is extra sensitive due to air pollution, UV radiation, stress, computer screens, dry air, unhealthy diet... Cleansing, nourishing and soothing your skin with mild products is a must. For everyone!

Foam dries out your skin

Do you need a thick layer of body lotion after a shower to soften your skin? There's a good chance that your shower gel has something to do with it. Foaming washing gels damage the protective skin layer that regulates the moisture balance of your skin and keeps bacteria at bay. The culprits in the story are chemicals such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate): a substance that cleans, foams intensely and, above all, is very cheap. No wonder so many beauty brands put the stuff in their shower gels. It is not kind to your skin at all. Especially for people with dry, sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, it can put even more pressure on skin quality.

Shower gels often contain silicones

The fact that many shampoos release silicone on your locks is nothing new. But did you know that shower gels often contain silicone, paraffin or petroleum derivatives? These 'softeners' place a layer on the skin, which makes your skin appear nourished, but in reality it is covered. The result? Your skin cannot absorb oxygen or water and will eventually dehydrate again. Moreover, such substances are quite harmful to our environment, while there are natural and safe alternatives.

Your skin needs hydration

Radiant skin means hydrated skin. But how can your skin stay healthy if you put it under pressure in the morning with drying shower gels? Swap your foaming soap for a gentler alternative. A nourishing wax emulsion really makes a difference. Choose a natural product, without aggressive chemicals, and start taking care of your skin in the shower.

After months of hard work, we can finally introduce our new hand and body wash gel to you. The SELF hand and body wash is 100% vegan and free of nasties, as you are used to from us. And in addition to gentle cleansing, the washing gel works on your skin condition. The shower lotion strengthens the natural skin barrier and protects your skin from drying out. For gentle cleansing, long-lasting comfort and silky soft skin.