Week van het eczeem: extra aandacht voor de huidaandoening is nodig

Eczema week: extra attention to the skin condition is needed

As a mother of a daughter with eczema, I know how much time and energy problem skin costs. I can imagine how difficult it must be for you if you also have difficult skin or eczema. No matter what you apply, nothing seems to help. It's frustrating and not good for your self-image. Know that you are not alone.

You don't have eczema alone. In our country, approximately one in five children suffers from atopic eczema. For adults it is estimated at three percent. Although it is not that unusual at all, many people are ashamed of their skin condition. However, eczema is nothing to be ashamed of.

What is eczema?

Eczema is associated with a chronic, itchy rash. The skin disease mainly manifests itself in the skin folds , face, neck, eyelids , trunk and thighs. Eczema has different faces: from red, dry skin to wet spots and raised, flaky patches of skin. Whatever form eczema takes for you, one thing is certain: your skin's natural defense mechanism is thoroughly disrupted. This is at the expense of the oh-so-important moisture balance. Your skin dries out, giving free rein to harmful intruders from outside. Impurities and bacteria penetrate the skin and cause inflammation: the skin is itchy, red and extremely dry. Due to the disrupted skin barrier, (Staphylococcal) bacteria can more easily penetrate the skin from the outside, but vice versa, water and nutrients can also escape from the inside to the outside. The result? Your skin becomes inflamed and redness, dryness and itching arise!

SELF repairs the skin layer and nourishes it intensely, has an antibacterial and anti-infection effect.


Eczema symptoms usually appear during childhood, but they can also develop suddenly in adulthood. The fickle nature is one of the main characteristics of eczema. The skin condition typically progresses in flare-ups. Any form of skin irritation can trigger a new attack. That is why it is crucial to treat your skin with as much love and gentleness as possible. Stay away from foaming soaps, opt for natural polishes, wear soft clothes and try to avoid stress and smoky environments. Eczema and allergies often go hand in hand. Are you allergic? Then take into account triggering factors, such as dust mites, pets, and food . This way you not only keep an allergic flare-up at bay, but you also protect your skin.

Take care of your skin

Dry skin is extra susceptible to eczema. That is precisely why it is extremely important to take good care of your skin. So lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again! This is the only way to keep your skin well hydrated.

  • Avoid long baths and showers

Limit them to a maximum of three soaks and make sure the water is not too hot. Water that is too hot dries out your skin even more. Replace foaming soaps with a natural oil. Soaps damage the natural protective layer of your skin, making you even more sensitive to eczema complaints. Do you like to take a bath? Then add two scoops of the Fine Deluxe Body Scrub to the bath water. The natural oils based on argan, macadamia, shea butter and coconut nourish your skin while you are in the bath.

  • Then wet your hands as little as possible.

Always dry wet hands thoroughly and preferably wear gloves when performing household tasks such as cleaning.

  • Anyone who has eczema cannot simply apply anything to the skin.

Irritant substances such as perfumes penetrate the skin more easily and can therefore irritate more. Apply a gentle moisturizing cream twice a day. Be sure to do this after showering, bathing, swimming and before going to bed. The All Day Dreamer day cream is recommended for your face. For the rest of your body you can use our Fine Delicate Body Butter .

What is in our products?

Self stands for 100% natural care. Our products are vegan, free of nasties and tolerant for the most sensitive problem and eczema skin (and therefore also all other skin types). The precious shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia butter, argan oil and aloe vera help strengthen and restore the skin barrier. This way, your skin will lose less moisture and is better protected against harmful external influences.

A selection of the natural powerhouses in SELF:

  • Allantoin: Promotes the healing process of the skin and helps improve skin irritation.
  • Vitamin F: provides good hydration and repairs dry, rough skin.
  • Vitamin E: strengthens the barrier function of the skin.
  • Anthraquin: has an analgesic effect and kills bacteria and fungi.
  • Sterols & polysaccharides: have an anti-inflammatory effect, soothe the skin and help reduce irritations.
  • Vitamin B: Reduces redness and tackles skin problems.
  • Lauric acid: has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

My daughter Michelle and the many reactions from Self fans prove time and time again that our products deliver on their promise. Do you have questions about eczema or would you like more information? Get in touch!