Zo behaal je je doelen!

This is how you achieve your goals!

The year is almost half over! Help! It goes so quickly! Remember January? Maybe you've done it too, like many of us: set goals for the new year! How are things?

3 tips!

Maybe you've become a bit stagnant. I can totally understand! Sometimes something comes up, or you are too tired, you don't feel like it, life happens and before you know it, your goal is very far away. I have three tips for you to get back on track to your goal and stay motivated!

Know why you do it!

Living a healthier life, finding a better work-life balance, making more time for yourself, saving for that beautiful trip... Your goals can be very diverse. But what you should never forget is why you make certain sacrifices or make extra efforts to ultimately achieve your goal. If necessary, write it down or visualize it in a mood board. Know why you are doing it, get motivation from it, believe me, it works!

Do it step by step!

Maybe you want to run a marathon in New York in November, but you have never put on your running shoes. Well, it can't be more literal and figurative, but take it step by step. Set your goal and don't expect, or better yet, don't force yourself to make super big jumps right away, but give yourself time to take everything step by step.

Be inspired by others

With the world wide web and social media it is so easy to find like-minded people all over the world these days. Do you want to eat healthier, but are you tired of Pascale Naessens' cookbooks? No worries, the entire internet is full of fun, healthy recipes. Search for certain hashtags in Instagram, for example, and you will find a world of inspiration and people who are on the same path as you and who may also share their experiences and give tips that you can use.

Hopefully I have inspired you to get back on track towards your goal. Oh yes, and don't be too hard on yourself... it should all still be fun!

Have you already been able to check goals off your list? Or are you fully committed to it?