Zomerse temperaturen vragen om de juiste huidverzorging!

Summer temperatures require the right skin care!

It's time!

Hi lieve Self fans,

It's time! I'm counting down... to that cool swimming pool, the sultry evening terrace, the adventurous happy family moments, myself on the floating air mattress, sand between my toes and of course delicious food (that I don't have to prepare myself every day haha). I may not be the only one who is going on holiday soon, but this shouldn't be the case; There is no shortage of exotic temperatures in Belgium at the moment, so enjoy the sun!

Skincare after a day in the sun!

Of course in moderation (as you know) because the sun's radiation can damage the skin barrier and dry out your skin. Your skin may even feel a bit glowing or tight after a day in the sun. It is therefore an absolute must to care for your skin after sunbathing with an after-sun that is full of antioxidants and restorative substances, such as the Fine Delicate body butter from Self . It contains macadamia (rich in essential fatty acids), shea butter (including vitamins and polyphenols), argan (antioxidants and natural phenols), coconut (antioxidants) and aloe vera (anti-inflammatory ingredients): all natural ingredients that repair and protect the skin .

Choose a good after sun!

Aloe vera, for example, helps to soothe the skin. The other plant oils protect the skin barrier against moisture loss. There are plant oils that naturally provide basic protection against UV radiation. Coconut oil and shea butter are among the best oils that provide this protection. Didn't you get burned? Then these oils help to soothe and restore the complaints.

Self 's ingredients were carefully selected because of their proven effectiveness. They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the skin, repair it and prevent premature aging. They work against redness and stimulate collagen and have a healing and even analgesic effect.

Know that most after-sun products are based on water and alcohol; these give a refreshing feeling for a while, but they will not nourish or restore the skin. Unfortunately, they do not differ much from a regular body lotion in terms of active ingredients. The most important thing is that you choose a product that contains antioxidants as well as soothing and barrier-restoring ingredients!

Swimming in a clean sea!

Traveling and discovering the world has become part of our lives, although a stay-cation must also be fun: festivals, trips to the sea or long walks with the dog or building camps in the garden (I mean your children 😉 if you but enjoy and leave your work or to do list aside... The holidays are there to do fun things and relax!

Ecology and sustainability are receiving increasing attention, not least in the tourism sector. In a world where 1 billion tourists travel every year, that is a good thing!

SELF likes to contribute and is a sustainable brand. Our entire range of products has sustainable packaging and we are proud of that. We have consciously chosen healthy and ecological plastic that is fully recyclable (and our wooden lids are made from waste wood!).

One last fact before I start packing my bags 😉

SELF is one of the first European brands with the Zero Plastic Inside label, the quality mark of the Plastic Soup Foundation. This means you can apply the product with peace of mind because the products are 100% natural and do not contain microbeads (= plastic particles that are unfortunately hidden in all kinds of products L). Great for your skin but also for the environment and the sea...

I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday!