All Day Freshness Deo Cream

A deodorant without hormone disruptors that absorbs unpleasant odors for a long time.

The healthy detox for your skin and hair.

100% natural ingredients & vegan

Without hormone disruptors

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

The best of nature, supported by science.

What we eat, how much we exercise, how often we go outside and even what we put on our skin has an impact on our health. And we are increasingly thinking about this as humans. After all, products that we apply to our skin end up in the bloodstream, our organs and even our brains. There are countless skin care products on the market that contain hormone disruptors or contain ingredients whose long-term impact on our health has not yet been sufficiently researched. We use many of these products every day, such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, day cream, etc.

We help people to take care of themselves and their environment in a carefree, healthy way. Our products are based on 5 powerful and safe ingredients from nature, with a scientifically proven effect; Aloe vera, Macadamia, Argan oil, Shea Butter and Coconut oil. Together they provide pure, healthy and nourishing products that do not trigger sensitivity and deeply restore the skin. More than 10,000 consumers already use our products with great satisfaction.

Your skin is your largest organ, take the utmost care of it.

My 2nd purchase from Self and certainly not the last. I have suffered from acne spots for years and thanks to the facial lotion and day cream, these have finally faded.

I have suffered from dry skin all my life and am sensitive to allergies. Eczema also appeared here a while ago. Thanks to my grandmother, who also has a lot of eczema, I got to know this product. After just a few days everything was completely gone. My grandmother is also very enthusiastic about this cream. Highly recommended!

I have been using the deodorant for over a year and a half and it has become a real life saver for me. I have tried absolutely everything to reduce unpleasant odors, but only this one works for me!


Results in 2 weeks


Results in 5 days


Result in 5 weeks

Check whether your original Self pot is suitable for refilling. 'Refill' is engraved on the bottom.
Carefully remove the white cup from the original packaging.
Pull the tab off the new cup and place it in the pot, push and click into place.

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