3 receptjes voor infused water!

3 recipes for infused water!

Have you heard of infused water? It may be the way that can help you drink enough water every day. With infused water you add vegetables, fruit or herbs to your water to flavor your water without dyes or sugars!


Water with strawberries is an option for those who like it sweet! For 1 liter of water you need about 5 strawberries. Cut them into pieces so that the flavor is absorbed even better! Add a slice of lemon for some freshness if desired!

An easy fruity recipe for a warm summer day? Mix 2 slices of watermelon with some mint! Add the amount of mint to taste! I always opt for a handful and serve it with some extra ice cream!

In addition to fruit and vegetables, herbs are also very nice, tasty and easy to add. My favorites are basil, rosemary and mint! Also very tasty: some lemon slices, thyme and rosemary! There are many combinations possible, just experiment!


There are reusable bottles with a special compartment in the middle for your fruit, vegetables or herbs!

The water needs a few hours to develop its taste. Make it in the evening and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight!

No fresh fruit at home? You can also choose frozen fruit! And finally: kiwi and banana are less suitable to use for infused water!