For the Cruelty Free week we selected a charity that we wanted to put in the spotlight. That became VOC Ostend. But when we think about animal testing, there is another organization that deserves a place in the spotlight more than ever and that is Jodipro!


Jodipro is a non-profit organization, Animal Welfare Projects Jodipro vzw, which is committed to various animal welfare projects in various ways on a daily basis. The non-profit organization runs thanks to enthusiastic volunteers.

Jodipro's best-known work is undoubtedly the ex-laboratory animal project. Jodipro rehomes former laboratory animals (dogs and cats) into new families. Unfortunately, there are still many animals that are used as laboratory animals. Beagle dogs are a very commonly used breed. When these animals are finally allowed to start a REAL life outside the labs, Jodipro will take care of these dogs with foster families where they can be adopted and end up in the golden basket that they oh-so-rightly deserve!

It is heartbreaking to know that these animals have never known a family situation. They have never seen life outside the laboratory. Some have never seen or felt the blue sky, the rain, the wind. They have never felt grass before.

When dogs are given a new chance, Jodipro often posts photos or videos of these dogs feeling the outdoors for the first time or being able to walk, romping in a lawn. The animals are seizing their second chance to the fullest!

Are you thinking about adding a dog to your family? Also consider adopting a former laboratory animal. Jodipro also often looks for foster families who will help the dogs get used to the new life before being adopted.

If you would like more information, please contact them

Jodipro does a lot for former laboratory animals, but is also committed to caring for rabbits and rodents and other animals in need. You can also adopt many bunnies and rodents at Jodipro! Adopt, don't shop!