Antioxidanten in Skincare: wat & waarom?

Antioxidants in skin care: what & why?

Antioxidants in skin care: what & why?

An ingredient you hear a lot about nowadays when speaking about skin care, hair care, even make-up and even about the food you put in your mouth: antioxidants. You can’t imagine a world without them anymore. But what are these antioxidants, how do they work and why do you need them?

Fight against free radicals

Your skin, your body, they all consist of molecules. Those molecules are made of atoms, the smallest parts in your body. 1 atom has two neutrons that are connectes to eachother. When you are talking about a free radical, that’s an atom with only one neutron that wants to connect to something else. Often, a free radical connects to a pathogen and it leaves our body. That’s how our health works. But negative external factors stimulate the free radicals in our body, think about smoking, stress, sunshine, … Too many free radicals arise and they will connect to healthy cells. In that way, you can develop illness and it stimulates the aging of the skin! The demolition of healthy cells should be countered and that can be achieved with antioxidants.


Our body is smart and antioxidants are the natural mechanism for our body to fight against against those free radicals. But as external factors grow and we age, the natural mechanism is starting to get worse and we should support it with external antioxidants.

That’s why it is important to opt for a healthy diet with plenty of antioxidants. That way, you do not only work for a healthy body, but for that beautiful skin as well. Antioxidants can be in your creams.

The biggest evildoer.

The thing that has the most bad influence on the skin with free radicals is UV radiation. UVA – that speeds up the aging of the skin, but also UVB radiation. By being out in the sun unprotected, the free radicals in your body have free reign and they will do damage to your layers of skin. That’s why it is even more important to not only use a good SPF (there will be a seperate article about that soon!), but also to choose a sun protection with a broad spectrum! That way, you protect your skin against the UVB but especially against the skin aging UVA radiation! Luckily, a lot of skin care products contain many antioxidants nowadays, for example to control the damage done by the sun.

Antioxidants in SELF skin care.

You can give your skin a boost with antioxidants in skin care what will cause it to fight against the free radicals. But which antioxidants can be found in the SELF skin care?

Vitamin C is one that SELF likes. A vitamin naturally produced by the body that you can boost by applying it! By the way, Vitamin C is also very effective to prevent sun damage that can be seen through pigment spots! Vitamin E is another one that is full of antioxidants, and it can be found in the products of SELF as well!

I’ve selected all the ingredients very carefully because they have a special impact. For example, think about coconut oil that also fights free radicals. Macadamia and shea butter contain vitamin E. And the Moroccan gold, argan oil, is also full of antioxidants. My products are waiting impatiently to fight these free radicals and keeping your skin as beautiful as possible!