Behoud een sterke weerstand!

Maintain a strong resistance!

I try to live as naturally as possible. In terms of beauty, I am of course completely addicted to my own # SELF products, but for me it goes further than that. I also have some tricks to keep my immune system and resistance strong in a natural way.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is without a doubt one of the best tips for keeping your resistance high. And this can be done in a very simple way: a glass of water with lemon juice at room temperature to start the day or orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C! PS: vitamin C is also very good for your skin.

Ginger shots

Ohlala, have you ever taken a ginger shot? This is serious business babes! But really super good for your immune system. It is also often used when detoxing, or in juices because it has an anti-inflammatory effect! As soon as I feel a little weaker, I start taking ginger shots! PS: what is also good: add wheatgrass shots or a piece of ginger in your smoothie or even in your tea.

The sun!

And always good to boost your resistance: the sun! In moderation of course. But a little sun is ideal for boosting your vitamin D levels. You'll feel a lot better in 1.2.3! When the sun shines in winter we should definitely take the chance to enjoy it! If necessary, bring your favorite blanket, wrap it around you, bring a nice hot drink... and enjoy!

PS: do you want to hear another old resistance booster? One I learned from my grandparents? Nibble on a piece of raw garlic. Garlic is packed with good strong properties! Brush your teeth well afterwards!