Dagcrème vs. nachtcrème: is er een verschil?

Day cream vs. night cream: what’s the difference?

Is there a difference between day and night creams? According to several online sources night cream is an unnecessary product because the differences in texture and ingredients are minimal. Our loyal SELF fans know we have both a day and night cream. That’s why I’d like to take a moment and tell you more about the differences between our creams and the nightly restoration process of the skin.

The biggest differences between day and night cream

The differences between day and night creams are, in fact, texture wise. A day cream usually has a lighter texture that protects the skin from harmful external influences such as air pollution and weather. The primary function of a day cream is to protect the skin! Some day creams contain SPF, I’d advise you against using these. You’re better of going with a seperate day cream and SPF, because you should adjust the factor according to seasons and weather.

A night cream on the other hand usually has a richer texture that provides nutrition for the skin. The primary function of a night cream is restoring the skin. Because of this rich texture, it works great on fine lines or wrinkles and is suitable for a dry skin.

Are two separate creams a must?

Sometimes people tend to use their favorite day creams in the mornings and evenings. This shouldn’t be a problem because a cream that is good for your skin during the day, is also good during the night. But does your day cream contain SPF? If so, it’s better to use a seperate night cream, as it obviously won’t work at night.

Yet there are benefits to using two different creams. A day cream as a protective function and the night creams rich texture stimulates nightly restoration.

Our skin at night

A night cream is specifically designed to support the skin during the nighty restoration process. Did you know our skin is more active at night? The word beautysleep is used for a reason, good sleep means a healthy skin. While we’re sleeping, the skin is busy restoring the damage done during the day by external influences. This is taken care of by natural mechanisms.

First and foremost, the skin is actively regenerating cells during the night, it’s also eliminating waste and optimizing the blood flow. Due to the active cell regeneration the skin is capable of restoring its barrier, so your skin is ready for the next day.

Skin care at night is important, as the skin is less exposed to harmful external factors and can focus on regenerating.

SELF’s natural and vegan skin care

SELF has both a day and night cream, and there is a difference. The night cream is richer and contains a higher concentration of vitamins, which means it has an intense effect. Because of the texture, the night cream is ideal for the maturing skin as it works great on fine lines and wrinkles.

Did you know our night cream also makes an ideal eye cream? The mild formula is suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes, so you don’t need a separate eye cream. Which saves you another spot in your already full cabinet. 🙂

All of our products have an antibacterial effect, stimulate elasticity and counters premature aging. They provide the skin with nutrition and maintain the correct moisture balance. SELF is 100% natural and is stuffed with everything the skin needs.

Have you got any other questions regarding skin care? Feel free to send me a mail at team@nauralself.eu