De basis van een mooie huid

The basis of a beautiful skin

We all want beautiful skin! Radiant, healthy skin that stands the test of time. Sufficient exercise, not too much sun, the right food and of course skin care tailored to your skin are all the basis of such beautiful skin. But do you know what is often the culprit of irritated skin or skin problems? A disrupted skin barrier! And today I'll tell you all about it.


The skin barrier is actually your skin's protective layer. Like a protective blanket for the cold. Or a layer of insulation that does not allow necessary nutrients to disappear. Your skin barrier protects your skin against bad external influences: cold, pollution and keeps everything in order. Because a disrupted skin barrier is no fun!


How do you get such a disrupted skin barrier and how do you know this?

A disrupted skin barrier is caused by: sun damage, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, but... many people are even more likely to develop a damaged skin barrier by using the wrong skin care! Far too many aggressive products are still used, many people also over-exfoliate, many products still contain irritating substances such as perfume.

How do you know if your skin barrier is damaged? This often manifests itself in all kinds of skin problems. From drying out, to even pimples, redness, eczema, ...


The most important thing is to get that barrier function back up and running and restore it. So that your skin is protected again and does not lose nutrients or become irritated.
First of all, take a good look at your skin care products. Everything with irritating and drying ingredients should be left outside. Use very mild cleansers! Exfoliating is possible, but in moderation and adapted to your skin type. And above all: hydrate & nourish! Oh so important. You will have to build up that extra layer yourself so that your skin is nice and full, even and healthy again and no longer loses moisture and is therefore no longer susceptible to bad external influences. Many products apply a layer over the outer layer of the skin, but this does not work. You must use products that repair the skin from within so that the skin barrier itself is intact again! Our SELF products contain nourishing oils that will restore the skin barrier but also have an anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory effect! This allows many skin complaints to be avoided. Moreover, they stimulate the production of new skin cells, which combats wrinkles! Our products absorb into the skin very quickly, they do not leave a film on the skin, on the contrary! They ensure that the skin barrier is completely restored!!

Do you have skin problems such as dehydrated skin, flaking, redness, even pimples? Try working on that skin barrier, this is often the root of the problems!

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