De dubbele werking van dagcrème: 1x smeren, 2 x profiteren!

The double effect of day cream: apply once, benefit twice!

Hey you!

Brrr! Do you also have to get used to that chilly autumn weather? Me too! And your skin also has to endure the cold, dry air. You can wrap your body nicely with warm clothing, but that is of course a lot more difficult for your face :-).

Yet your face benefits from extra loving attention. Did you know that your skin has a harder time retaining moisture during the cold months? And that this moisture reserve is crucial for a healthy, radiant skin? So there's work to be done! A good day cream helps to maintain the moisture balance of your skin and has another interesting advantage: it keeps your makeup looking beautiful for longer. So win-win!

Hydration boost for your skin

I secretly hope that you never leave the house without a lick of day cream on your face. Aren't you such a loyal greaser? Then start a healthy care ritual today. I have told you before about the importance of cleaning. Today I would like to go into more detail about the effects of a nourishing day cream. You can actually compare our All Day Dreamer day cream with a protective layer for your face. Just like that woolen scarf around your neck ;-). Although our day cream does more than protect. Natural powerhouses such as aloe vera, argan oil and coconut oil maintain the moisture balance of your skin. Crucial, because without sufficient moisture your skin cells dry out. They shrink, so to speak, making them more susceptible to harmful outside invaders. Bacteria, but also free radicals, are happy to settle on dehydrated skin, with all the consequences: redness, irritations, chapped spots... Recognizable? Then give your face a hydration boost every morning. Our All Day Dreamer penetrates deep into the skin and addresses that nutritional deficiency with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. And believe me, you can see it in your skin!

Tip: Don't forget your neck and décolleté! Many women stop applying cream at the jawline, while the delicate skin of your neck and décolleté also needs extra attention.

Trick: Increase the moisturizing effect of your day cream by applying the cream to your damp face. This way you can, as it were, funnel that extra moisture into the skin and benefit even more. Doing!

Keep your makeup looking good longer

Homesick for that beautiful summer glow and your sun-kissed skin? A little make-up works wonders. I also swear – especially in the fall – by a little help from the make-up brush. Did you know that our day cream also works perfectly as a primer? With a lick of our All Day Dreamer day cream you prevent your make-up from immediately penetrating your skin and you can therefore enjoy your made-up face for longer. In addition, the natural ingredients in our day cream build the health of your skin and keep your face hydrated. A must for beautiful make-up, because colored pigments really like to penetrate into dry spots, making them extra noticeable. Not exactly the look you had in mind!

(For those who are curious about my favorite makeup: take a look at . Their mineral (and vegan) foundation is amazing!). I always buy my products through Make-up Wholesale , but you can of course also find them at various beauty salons.

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