DIY: geef nieuw leven aan je gebruikte verpakkingen

DIY: give new life to your used packaging

The spring break is coming, I can already hear the children shouting 'yay, it's holiday'! It is nice to spend extra time with the kids, but for many parents and grandparents it is not easy. Because how are you going to continue to entertain those children? Is it time for an outing or are you staying indoors? If I look at the forecast this way, the spring break is literally in danger of falling into the water. Cloudy and rain, not really ideal for an outing. But staying at home can also be fun, put the children to work and make it a great craft afternoon!

The packaging of SELF

At SELF we think sustainability is important, I really thought about the packaging for a long time. A pure product in polluting packaging doesn't work... That's why all our packaging is recyclable, you can read more about that in this blog . In addition to the packaging, the green packaging chips are made from corn, which is a biodegradable alternative to Styrofoam and therefore much better for nature!

I regularly receive so many nice photos and videos from parents, grandparents or teachers who use SELF packaging for crafts. Give our jars new life, for example use them as a memory jar, a storage box for jewelry and your keys or make them a gift. With our green packaging chips you can make all kinds of creations and figurines. Use a little bit of water and stick them together.


Contest: share your photo or video

I love seeing so many SELF-lovers giving new life to their jars or packaging, that's why we're organizing a fun competition this week. Share your #SELF craft moment with us and we will choose the best photo. The lucky person will receive 4 tickets for Plopsa (2 adults and 2 kids). Fun guaranteed!

How can you participate?

– Take a photo with the children, the green balls, the crafts and a jar of SELF . Then we immediately see that it is a SELF crafting moment. ☺️

– Post this on your Facebook or Instagram, don't forget to tag SELF so we see your photo.

We will announce the winner within two weeks. I wish you lots of crafting fun and wonderful moments together!

Love, Team SELF