Gemengde tot vette huid?

Mixed to oily skin?


If your skin type tends towards combination to oily skin, you have increased sebum production. Sometimes on your entire face (oily skin), sometimes on some parts and usually the T-zone (combination skin).

Your skin will shine more and more throughout the day and that is often a skin problem that many people with combination to oily skin want to tackle. With increased sebum production you often have more impurities: black dots or pimples.


Skin care is very important. Always, but also especially for those who have been given this skin type. A mistake that is often made is using products that are much too aggressive and drying out for your skin. This will dry out the skin, making it shine even more due to even more sebum production!

This way you end up in a vicious circle that is very difficult to get out of.

It is important to look for a mild but deeply cleansing cleanser, preferably one that does not foam, because foam dries out. A big misunderstanding is: oil cleansers are not good for oily skin. Well, yes... because oil attracts oil and therefore also dirt from the pores! An oil cleaner is therefore definitely recommended. But it is important for oily skin (often with impurities) that you do a double cleansing: remove make-up and then deep cleanse with a mild cleanser!

Are you going to use a toner? Super! But avoid toners with alcohol! Also recommended for oily skin: exfoliate with acids. There are now many beautiful and safe exfoliants for home use, you will see, this is a boost for your skin!

Then, choosing a moisturizer for oily skin is often quite a search. You still want to provide enough nourishment, but textures that are too rich are certainly to be avoided. Choose a water-based moisturizer. These are often moisturizers with a gel texture. Do you have combination skin and are your cheeks drier, for example? Then you can combine two moisturizers on your face!

So to remember: cleanse well, but in a gentle and mild way. You need to nourish and protect your skin, but adjust your textures!

PS: and what you should definitely do every now and then is apply a deep cleansing mask. Your skin will enjoy this so much and your pores will be completely clean again!