Het is officieel: SELF is nu dermatologisch getest en goedgekeurd

It's official: SELF is now dermatologically tested and approved

Never before have so many people suffered from skin irritation, redness, sensitivity, itching and (chronic) skin problems. And that's not so strange. Our modern skin is having a hard time today. Air pollution, UV radiation, stress, computer and smartphone screens, dry air, unhealthy diet... put a lot of pressure on your skin.

Anyone who knows us a little knows that SELF was developed with sensitive skin in mind. After years of struggling with my daughter Michelle's eczema skin, I decided to look for a remedy myself... The birth of SELF !

Michelle's eczema symptoms are under control. And luckily she's not the only one who notices the difference. We hear from our customers every day how SELF helps them keep their skin healthy.

And yet we longed for more: an objective, scientifically based test that proves in black and white that our products are really kind to sensitive skin.

The decision to have our products dermatologically tested was therefore the next logical step.

Curious about how such a test works?

During the test, a group of volunteers is smeared with a specifically determined amount of product on their backs. All test subjects show characteristics of sensitive skin, such as a damaged skin barrier, increased immune response... The cream is covered with a special patch and after 48 hours dermatologists assess the skin for dryness, irritation and moisture retention.

And now the great news! We nailed it!

We are proud to say that all our products have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and achieved an irritation score of 0.00! Proof that our products are just as gentle as we claimed all along.

Please note, a sensitivity test does not mean that the risk of allergic reactions is nil.

At SELF we go 100% natural. That means no artificial colors or fragrances, no parabens or other chemical ingredients! Our products contain only the very best ingredients from mother nature. And yet we can't promise you that your skin will never react. Even natural ingredients can trigger allergic reactions.

Curious about the benefits of a natural care ritual? Test the compatibility of SELF with your skin and see the result for yourself. As a little gift from us, you will receive a free konjac sponge for every purchase worth €75. Use the code HEALTHHUID, valid until March 15, 2020.

Questions, doubts or comments? Let us know! We are happy to help you on your way.