At the beginning of 2017 I made some good intentions. We are now 12 months further. What is the current status of these good intentions?

We can expand SELF even more!
Of course SELF is somewhere at the top of my to-do list for 2017. I started SELF in 2016 without any idea whether you will love it as much as I do. Fortunately, I receive a lot of love from you and you have also come to embrace SELF in your hearts! In 2017 I want to make SELF an even more famous natural brand with hopefully many nice products!

Many additional products may not be possible right away... it requires a lot of investment, but I hope to launch a new product just in the nick of time and have our new travel set! SELF has now also moved beyond Belgian borders and that is very nice!

I also want to focus on organizing more Self events.
I've been doing a little bit here and there in 2016 and I'm really enjoying getting to know you all better and hearing your stories and experiences with Self . I want to see you even more in 2017 and so there will be more Self events planned!

There have been a few events and that was great fun... but I also get to know you through email, messages, etc. and that is actually just as much fun! So be sure to keep contacting me with your questions or just to say hello!!

A good cause to work with.
I know that I am doing very well, I can realize my dream, I have a fantastic husband & daughter and I am healthy. Unfortunately, there are many people who are less fortunate in life. I want to find a charity with Self that I can work with. I have worked as a psychologist/therapist my entire career, and have had the privilege of working with extremely powerful people to make their lives just a little better. Despite the career change, I obviously want to continue to contribute and help where I can!

This has not been successful yet! I have certainly done my bit, but I haven't really fully focused on a charity with whom I constantly work... Something for 2018?

Be more patient!
Oh a personal goal: I need to cultivate a little more patience! I blame the constantly running society, but for me everything has to progress well. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a little more patience every now and then! But how to bring this into reality...I don't know yet :)

Oh seriously, did I really convince myself of this??!!?? Hahaha – now I know this is a hell of a job, apparently I was having a good day when I made this resolution… mmm reality check… nope, I don't think I achieved this!!

To travel!
I hardly made time for it in 2016, so it's on my list for 2017: travel more! Finally taking the time to really travel and get to know other cultures and seek adventure again!

Oh, I did some super fun trips, met a lot of cool new people... I went to Ibiza, among other things! An island that can certainly charm me!

To spend more time on the water!
Did you know… I have my boating license? Nice right! So I can sail the boat anywhere ;)! But... I don't make enough time for it! So in 2017 I want to spend more time on the water. Wonderful to clear your head! Maybe a nice idea for a SELF event! Although I still have to get a boat somewhere first:

WELL, I did this more this year! And I'm happy about that! Enjoying it so much! On to more of that!

Make more time for friends!
Oh I plead guilty, I found a nice balance in 2016 where my family got enough time, but my friends? I would also like to see a lot more of that in 2017. Maybe we should just add a few resolutions together: travel with friends? Or go sailing with friends? YES!! We do!!

YEP absolutely yes! This year I really enjoyed my close friends and family, fun trips with friends, going dancing together or evenings with the friends at home... it really did me good!

How did your New Year's resolutions go?