Huidverzorging: kies je dit in functie van je leeftijd?

Skin care: do you choose this based on your age?

I'm often asked: “Should I choose my skin care based on my age?” Many commercial brands proclaim that you should combat premature aging and that it is best to choose anti-aging products for mature skin. You would therefore need different products per age category. But is this so? And which products should you choose? I'll tell you more about it!

Your age is not a skin type

I can give you a simple answer right away: it is a myth that you choose skin care based on your age. Yet, according to many brands, you should choose products based on your age, but this message mainly arose from a commercial point of view.

But how do you choose your products? You always choose products based on your skin type. You can buy an anti-aging product, but if it does not contain the right nutrition for your skin type, it can do your skin more harm than good. Someone aged 60 can have the same skin type as someone aged 20, so always first look at your skin type and which ingredients you need.

The right care for your skin type

Each skin type has different needs, in general you can distinguish a number of skin types: dry skin, oily or combination skin, and normal skin. But it doesn't stop there because the skin also changes as we age and its condition is determined by all kinds of external and internal influences. Stress, temperature fluctuations or your environment can strongly influence the condition of the skin. The skin can suddenly become drier, dehydrated, wrinkles can develop or the skin can become more sensitive. In the worst case, this condition can even remain permanently.

On this page you can read what your skin type needs:


Nourishing ingredients

In general, every skin needs healthy nutrition. SELF products are nourishing vitamin bombs that are packed with ingredients that intensely nourish and hydrate the skin and also help to protect and restore the skin barrier. Each product contains macadamia, shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil, coconut and mandarin and geranium oils. The power lies in the combination of these ingredients, together they form a perfect team. The substances complement each other and reinforce each other's effect.

Vitamins and essential fatty acids

The products are full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that are necessary for healthy skin. The essential fatty acids, also known as omega fatty acids, ensure the proper functioning of our cells, including the skin cells. The essential acids strengthen the skin barrier, keep the skin moist and supple and combat inflammation. That's why they are so important for the skin!

SELF also contains a high dose of vitamins A, B, C, E and F. Each vitamin has its own unique effect:

  • Vitamin A: This works very well for fine wrinkles because it stimulates cell renewal.

  • Vitamin E: This vitamin has an antibacterial effect and is therefore very good for skin problems. In addition, it works against redness and stimulates the production of essential building blocks of the skin. It contributes to optimal skin recovery and a good moisture balance.

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C ensures a good moisture balance, it also fades pigment spots and works well for dull skin.

  • Vitamin E: vitamin E, also called tocopherol, ensures that your skin burns less quickly and it strengthens the barrier function of the skin. Vitamin E also ensures that other ingredients are quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis. It provides nourishment for the skin structure.

  • Vitamin F consists of a high dose of essential fatty acids that hydrate the skin and help dry/rough skin recover.

Due to the healthy diet, SELF is suitable for every skin type and the products are used by all ages. For the sensitive skin of babies, the skin of teenagers and mature skin. Why? The nourishing ingredients provide your skin with what it needs.

A good routine is worth its weight in gold

Healthy skin starts with a good routine. At SELF we have a simple but effective routine. Optimal care starts with cleansing the skin and you do this both in the morning to refresh the skin and in the evening to promote recovery during the night. Proper cleaning ensures that the active ingredients of the day and night cream can penetrate the skin better.


1. The Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion : to cleanse the face we start with the Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion, a soft facial milk that is very mild. Our cleansing milk has been specially developed for sensitive skin and the mild formula hydrates the skin and reduces pores. It also removes impurities, sebum and make-up: an all-in-one cleanser! Another tip: you can also use the Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion for the sensitive area around the eyes.

2. After our facial lotion, I use our Boost or Oxygen Facial Scrub twice a week. This is a mild scrub, unlike the many harsh scrubs available on the market. Our mild scrub contains rice grains and removes dead skin cells, and the pure oils nourish and repair your skin. A beautiful glow on your face is created when the skin is healthy and has good blood circulation, which is exactly what a scrub does: stimulate blood circulation extra.


3. You should not use our facial scrub every day, because scrubbing too much can damage the protective layer of the skin. That's why you use the Boost of Softness Konjac Sponge on days when you don't use the scrub. With this sponge you rub the skin lightly in soft circular movements. It is made from 100% konjac powder, specially developed to gently cleanse the skin! It contains natural vitamins (A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C) and minerals, it stimulates blood circulation and has an antibacterial effect.


4. After a good cleansing, it is time to hydrate and protect the skin. We do this in the morning with the All Day Dreamer Day Cream and in the evening with our All Night Starlight Night Cream e. These are restorative and moisturizing creams that penetrate deep into the skin and provide intense hydration and nutrition. Our night cream is a good eye cream, so you no longer need a separate eye cream. Our All Day Dreamer day cream is used by people of all ages. The All Night Starlight night cream has an even richer texture and has an even deeper effect on fine lines and wrinkles, which is why it is mainly used for mature skin.


5. Last but not least: the Pink Crystal Facial Roller ! I love putting this in the fridge and then rolling it over my face at night! With our facial roller you stimulate blood circulation and this improves the elasticity of the skin, which ensures a fresh, radiant complexion! It reduces spots on the chin and dark circles or bags under the eyes. It also ensures that the active ingredients of your night and day cream are even better absorbed into the skin and it also stimulates the removal of waste products.


To ask?

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