Huidverzorging: less is more!

Skincare: less is more!

I am always curious about how women take care of their skin. Call it professional malpractice. I am often shocked by the enormous amount of jars, tubes and sprays that women have at home. Bathroom cabinets filled with hundreds of euros worth of beauty products? It is really no exception. The best part is that you don't need most of those ointments at all. Your skin cannot cope with an overdose of active substances, which are often not coordinated and can therefore be counterproductive.

Less is more, and that absolutely also applies to cosmetics!

At SELF we believe in simplicity. If you choose quality, you certainly don't need a cupboard full of care products. Go for less, but better. Your skin and your wallet will reap the benefits.

Do you want to declutter in the bathroom? These tips will help you on your way.

Don't use too much

I am often asked how many of our products you should actually use. Well, I can be brief about that. A lick is enough. If you use too much, it will take longer for the cream to penetrate your skin. Moreover, applying a lot does not ensure that your skin absorbs more active substances. So don't exaggerate. A bonus: your favorite SELF product will last longer!

Stay loyal to one brand

Care products from the same line are coordinated. This means that they do not contain any ingredients that counteract or unnecessarily reinforce each other. On the contrary, they are formulated in such a way that they provide your skin with exactly enough nutrition and active ingredients. Have you discovered your favorite brand ( SELF of course)? Ban leftovers from other brands from your bathroom cabinets. Bite your teeth, but your skin will thank you!

Ban the spray can

Smog alert! You sometimes hear it on the radio in the morning. Did you know that propellants in aerosol cans are partly responsible for the polluted air that can cause respiratory complaints? You can make a difference by adjusting your cosmetics. From now on, stop buying aerosol cans and opt for alternatives without harmful propellants. Replace your deodorant spray with a roller or stick. And there is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to hairspray: a mechanical atomizer. It all starts with you!

PS: did you know that we work with recycled materials for SELF 's packaging? They offer our 100% natural products the right protection and are kind to the environment.

Check the expiration date

There's no way you would still spread an opened pack of butter from last year on your sandwiches. Why use 'old' creams for your body? Care products can also spoil. Look for the 'open jar symbol' on the packaging. You can continue to use most care products with confidence for up to six months after opening. Products with heavy preservatives such as parabens often last even longer. At SELF such synthetic extras are deliberately included on our blacklist. The chemicals – and many other chemicals in skincare products – can be toxic to the skin. They can confuse the endocrine system and are even linked to several diseases, including cancer. Natural, mild products keep your skin and your body healthy. Do you think it is too drastic to swear off all aggressive care products at once? Then start with small steps. Throw away expired creams, replace them with a more skin-friendly alternative and notice the difference yourself.

Go for a simple routine

Anyone who knows us a little knows that we are not fans of complicated skincare programs. At SELF we believe in a simple care ritual that fits easily into your life. Whether you are a young mom, busy career woman or active over-50s, we women have better things to do than spend hours in the bathroom. A simple care ritual also benefits the environment. Fewer cosmetic products mean that less energy and raw materials are needed to make them. Curious about what our SELF care ritual looks like exactly? You can read it here .

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Do you have a tip yourself or do you have questions? Be sure to let me know!