Maak je huid lenteklaar!

Get your skin ready for spring!

Get your skin ready for spring!

Did you feel it last week? Spring is here! Here and there I see more green on the trees and flowers are blooming. I felt the sun on my face and then I knew: time to get my skin ready for spring!

Hello spring glow!

During the winter you may not have gotten started with your scrub or exfoliant. Shame!

In winter you are more likely to get a dull, dull complexion. But no worries, to conjure up that fresh glow again, I use my Boost or Oxygen Facial Scrub. A wonderful, soft yet effective facial scrub that removes dead skin cells. Scrubs can sometimes be too harsh for your face, but I use an exclusive, natural formula with rice grains that allows you to scrub gently. The scrub also contains many nourishing ingredients so that your skin is not left dehydrated, but feels nice and soft and fresh and radiates again!

Don't forget your body!

My body also gets a complete scrub after the winter with the Fine Deluxe Body Scrub! I have specially packaged it in a super deluxe packaging so that it also looks very nice on your bath rim or in the shower! You shouldn't hide this scrub in a bathroom cabinet! The body scrub can be used for any skin type and is still very mild for the skin. You will not scratch the skin by scrubbing, but you will make your skin super soft thanks to the composition based on salt minerals from the Dead Sea! For a silky soft and hydrated feeling afterwards, I also had a lot of vegetable oils added so that scrubbing can be a truly luxurious ritual! And of course I pamper my skin afterwards with the delicious Fine Delicate body butter for a truly soft feeling. A fantastic duo to have in your bathroom and to make yourself completely spring-ready! Bring on the sun!