Onze huid ... het kan frustrerend zijn!!

Our skin ... it can be frustrating!

I remember very well how my little girl was filled with big, red, dry patches. She scratched, I rubbed her with creams … she scratched more and more … I went on rubbing… In the end we contacted the dermatologist. The result: Cortisone to fight eczema. Very frustrating because you start a never ending cycle … Once the eczema stops, the extra low fat cream doesn’t offer the barrier to a new eczema outbreak … so again scratching, re-lubricating, Cortisone again … and again.

What exactly matters for your skin?

The outer layer of our skin protects us, ensuring bacteria remain outside and our skins remains well hydrated. People with sensitive skin may be allergic to substances in cosmetics but the skin might just be irritated (not the same as an allergy!). In this latter case, the healthy skin degrades by frequent misuse of products. The skin barrier of dry / sensitive skin, will be irritated or even “broken” blocking optimal moisture.

When you suffer eczema, this barrier function of your skin is “ill” because of some missing substances influencing the epithelial production. It will easily dehydrate and leave free access to bacteria penetrating your skin, causing inflammation. Your skin itches, turns red and is very dry. In both cases, the outer skin layer is not completely “closed”. You can compare it to the roof of a house: a roof missing or covered with not well fitted tiles allows rain to penetrate inside.

The roof leaks and now?!

Since the skin barrier is not optimal, people with sensitive, dry skin or eczema must nurture their skin with extra care. Many existing creams merely add an extra layer on your skin, a bit as if you would cover your house with a big plastic cover on the roof to prevent it from raining inside. That’s good, but the result remains limited. Moreover, the chances are that your skin problems will be back soon.

Furthermore, use of old-fashioned soap is really to be avoided. You should always try out new products always on the inside of your arm at the level of your elbow, and keep you care routine very simple avoiding products your skin does not really need such as serums, masks …

Why does SELF work?!

SELF-creams are specially designed for dry, sensitive skin or skin suffering from eczema. SELF creams have a preventive effect. (still, a heavy eczema rash should be treated by cortisone for example.) Our ingredients have been added in high concentration, with proven positive effect on dermatologic problems. Our ingredients penetrate the skin deeply, moisture it optimally and contribute to its regeneration. Coconut oil brings in active anti-bacterial anti-fungi agents to successfully reduce skin irritation and inflammation avoiding Cortisone. Argan oil delivers unsaturated fatty acids in the form of omega 3, moisturizing your skin and working like a powerful anti-inflammatory. The polyphenols fight allergic reactions. Macadamia contains a high content of palmitoleic acid (omega7), which provides an excellent protection against dehydration of the skin and contributes to more elasticity. Shea contains vitamins A, E and F, your allies against inflammations and dehydration. The strong anti-inflammatory properties of Shea leave inflammation very little chance.

Therefore SELF!

All these great ingredients restore and maintain the ideal moisture balance on one side, and on the other hand they provide protection against bacteria and free radicals. Still, if there would be an infection, they will work as a strong anti-inflammatory making it nipped in the bud. SELF products work preventively. Daily use can prevent another eczema rash. SELF is the roofer, carpenter and the tile, all in one!

Do you have sensitive / dry skin or are you subject to eczema? Have you overpaid for products with little result? Send us an email with your details and we will send you samples of our day cream! So you can discover for yourself how SELF takes care of your skin!