SELF-care Sunday: maak tijd voor me-time

SELF-care Sunday: Make time for yourSELF

If you are one of those people that’s continuously busy planning ahead and getting things done, you know it takes a toll on your body. Burn-outs, stress and physical aches are just some of the most frequent complaints as a result of our busy society. This is the exact reason it’s so important to grant yourself that much needed me-time! It gives you that extra dose of energy to get you through those tough times and helps put that smile back on your face!

Here at SELF we want to stimulate all women to take some more time for themselves. To inspire you to do this, I’ll be giving you some handy tips today!

Plan those moments

How do I fit in anything else in my already full schedule of daily activities? It doesn’t seem easy, I know! But it’s actually not that difficult. You have to make it a habit! Try starting off with taking one full day for yourself out of every two weeks. Plan things around it and don’t let anything stand in your way! Eventually you might start planning smaller moments every few days to help you recharge.

Here at SELF we’ve created a SELF-care Sunday for ourselves. Sunday is that one ultimate day to escape our daily routines and enjoy some much earned me-time. Are you joining us?

Do what you enjoy

Me-time has a different meaning for everyone. And you can enjoy it in many different ways, the important thing is doing what YOU like! Even if it’s just spending time with your favorite book, or hanging out on the sofa watching your favorite movie. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s whatever you want to do. Don’t force yourself to do something you won’t enjoy doing. Here are some ways I like to unwind and enjoy some me-time:

1. Relax, soak, unwind

Lock the door, run yourself a lovely hot bubble bath and open a bottle of sparkly wine along with some scented candles to create the absolute relaxing atmosphere! Did you know SELF also makes candles? It all fits in our SELF-lifestyle. Spoil your skin with our scrub and top things off using our great smelling body butter that makes your skin feel silky soft. Me myself and I is our motto!

2. Read your favorite book

Grab your all time favorite book and claim the best seat in the house! Turn off all devices (yes, especially your phone!) and let yourself sink into the story. This is one of the most perfect ways to escape those daily frustrations. As they say: there’s nothing a good book can’t fix!

3. A relaxing massage

Get those legs, arms and all those painful joints massaged by either your loved one or a professional (both at once would be heaven!) and feel reborn. A day at the spa can literally perform miracles!

4. A forest walk with the dog

Oooh a lovely forest walk with the dog, something I can deeply enjoy! That fresh nature air gives you that instant feeling of bliss! Head outside and get emersed in the beauty of nature.

Your SELF-rituals are the perfect me-time moments! Have you got any to add to the list? Be sure to let me know! PS: Want to stay a 100% up to date? Follow SELF on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon!