SELF in het nieuw!

SELF in the new!

SELF in the new!

Welcome to the brand new SELF website!! I am very happy to be able to introduce you to my new place. Because after a lot of hard work and a lot of patience, from today you can click around, read a lot and shop even more easily in our new SELF e-shop!

The previous website was sometimes a bit disappointing and shopping in our SELF webshop was not always easy and smooth. That is now a thing of the past!

What's new?

As you can see, not only will things be easier from now on, but the entire website will also have a new look! I had a completely new layout designed that looks great, but also clear and clean! Completely SELF !

The homepage feels like an online magazine where you can click and read a lot. You will see, the homepage will also be adapted to nice occasions, or become a bit more summery once the holidays are in sight! You will of course find our SELF blog on it, so be sure to check back every now and then, because there is often something new to discover! For example, you can also submit beauty questions that I will answer and you can also follow my Instagram for a look behind the scenes of SELF !

And be sure to check out our FAQ – frequently asked questions – because there you will find a wealth of information about SELF . Is natural better now? Where does SELF want to make a difference? All questions that I have answered for you!

From SELF E-shop

But not only does the homepage look completely new, the e-shop has also undergone a metamorphosis!

With 1 click you can now find all products clearly and easily in our e-shop! We have also worked hard behind the scenes and the entire ordering process and paying for your SELF purchases is now even smoother!

Tips and feedback always welcome!

Do you still spot something strange or is something not working somewhere? Be sure to let me know and we'll look into it right away! All feedback is welcome, because this way team SELF can only make the shopping experience even more pleasant for you!

I wish you lots of surfing, reading and shopping fun on the brand new SELF website! And be sure to take a look at our Facebook, because you can discover some news there!