SELF krijgt het Beat The Microbeads logo

SELF receives the Beat The Microbeads logo

It’s all over the news lately, our oceans and beaches are polluted with plastic. We have to step up and do something about plastic pollution as it’s incredibly harmful to the environment and the animals can get caught up in them or confuse them with food. Meaning these particles of plastic can find their way onto your plates. And I don’t have to explain that that’s bad for your health.

The worst of them all are plastic bags, packages and fishnets. But did you know these tiny pieces of plastic, called microbeads, can also be found in cosmetics, soaps and even toothpaste? All of these products are contributing to the pollution. Here at SELF we’re completely free of microbeads, but how can you recognize it, a microbead-free product? Let me tell you all about it!


Microbeads in skin care products

Little particles of plastic can be found in many types of cosmetics and other products. These microbeads serve as a scrub of cheap filler. When you brush your teeth or wash your face with a product based on microbeads, these particles will find their way into the sewers and the oceans. So you’re contributing to plastic pollution without knowing it which is harmful to yourself and the next generations. This pollution causes the sea life to confuse plastic with food. The consequence? Tiny pieces of plastic finding their way onto your plate whenever you’re eating fish.

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Beat The Microbeads

Luckily there are organisations that position themselves to help the environment and allow the consumer to make the correct choice, Beat The Microbeads is taking the fight to those nasty plastic particles. Research shows that many different types of plastic can be found in skin care products and cosmetics, as a consumer you will never be completely sure what you’re buying. Keep an eye on products that carry the green ‘Look for the Zero’ logo to ensure your products don’t contain any microbeads, only then can you be sure the product is 100% free of harmful microbeads. You can also check out the list of plastics that’s compiled by Beat The Microbeats and compare it with your product.


No microbeads in SELF!

SELF contains no microbeads and it’s my honor to be able to use the Beat The Microbeads logo. Let’s all combat pollution, because we’re stronger together!

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