Do you know the word: hygge? You may have seen it before and now that autumn has been launched again, I might like to tell you more about it, because I absolutely LOVE it!

Hygge is a Danish phenomenon. And if you know that the Danes are among the happiest people on earth, then it may well be due to hygge. First of all: hygge is not pronounced as hi-gge but as hou-ga. Yes, that's right, but the pronunciation doesn't really matter. It's mainly about radiating the phenomenon, because that makes you happy!

Hygge is a way of life and can be radiated both physically and mentally. The best way to describe it is: cozy and warm and welcome. So a feeling. Just think of a cold winter evening and all the candles are lit in the house, or even the fireplace, and you crawl deep under a blanket while drinking a hot chocolate and feeling completely relaxed: well, that is hygge!

And that also fits perfectly into the SELF lifestyle: make it nice and comfortable, nice and cozy and hygge certainly does not have to be only in the winter, because just think of the best summer evening you have already had, perhaps surrounded by friends. , a picnic on the beach or a nice garden party. That can also be fun. Hygge is also me-time!

I will give you some nice hygge tips for autumn:

  • Invite a few friends for a delicious dinner, it doesn't have to be super fancy, no, fun is key! Everyone sitting around the table together!

  • Make sure your home feels inviting, warm and welcoming.

  • Light candles, dim the lights, light the fireplace or heater.

  • Everyone can take off their shoes and, if necessary, agree to spend an evening in lounge wear: forget those tight skinny jeans!

  • Possibly precede your dinner with a long autumn walk in the forest! Get a natural blush!!

  • And above all: enjoy!

The essence of hygge is actually: be kind to yourself in a sweet environment! So completely SELF !