SELF’s survival gids in Coronatijden

SELF's survival guide in Corona times

It's strange how we're all suddenly at home. I thought those first days weren't too bad. At SELF we believe in the power of social distancing. So we work from home as much as possible, meet remotely and have set up a shift system to continue to send your orders smoothly during this period... That works fine. But honestly? I'm finding it quite tough now. Finding a balance between my role as a mother and as an entrepreneur is more of a challenge than ever. I miss the live chats with friends, those endless evenings at the restaurant and the carefree everyday life. I hear the same from others. Of course we better try to make the best of it, but let's also be honest and admit that it can be pretty scary sometimes! However?

To help you get through this bizarre period a little easier, we at #teamself put our virtual heads together and collected our best self-care tips for at home. Because while there's no better time to put self-care higher on the priority list, relax and reconnect with yourself, you may be lacking inspiration right now.

That's why this survival guide is packed with tips that you can get started right away. Although you don't have to pick them all up at the same time, of course. Because hey, we have time!

Books to read

  • The Seven Sisters (Lucina Riley): a seven-part series about love, loss and the search for who you really are. Chick lit of the highest order!
  • Becoming (Michelle Obama): In her honest and courageous story, Michelle challenges us all: who are we and what do we want to become?
  • The catcher in the grain: a golden classic!
  • Move (Lieven Maesschalck): Full of practical advice about exercise, preventing injuries and staying fit and slim.
  • A small life (Hanya Yanagihara): This slog of more than 700 p's, a bestseller for many years, is good for days of reading pleasure.
  • Aesthetic Intelligence (Pauline Brown): how to use the power of aesthetics in product creation and customer loyalty.
  • Egopreneur (Paul Van den Bossche): Looking for balance between work, family and every other aspect of your life? Then this is a must-read.
  • The art of unhappiness (Dirk De Wachter): a compact, accessible book about our eternal search for happiness.

Entertaining podcasts

  • Stand Up Talk: leuke podcast over storytelling and public speaking.
  • Stuff You Should Know: a great podcast that teaches you a lot about a wide variety of themes.
  • Where should we begin: a look into Esther Perel's therapy room where couples reveal their relationship problems.
  • Work & Life: about the mythical balance between work and private life, full of tips and tricks.
  • Getting things done: Anyone who has read David Allen's popular book knows that his method for getting more done in less time really works. A top podcast full of practical tips.
  • Being boss: A super cool podcast about female entrepreneurs or how you can make your own company successful as a girl boss.
  • I know someone who: Nice podcast about raising children and parenting, with a good portion of self-mockery. We like!

Series to binge

  • You: an addictive thriller series that almost makes you sympathize with the life-threatening Joe.
  • Workin' Moms: Hilarious, recognizable series about the lives of young mothers. Beware, addictive!
  • Girlboss: Rebellious and penniless Sophia starts an internet company and learns what it is to be the boss. Based on the extremely popular book #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.
  • Succession: an entertaining drama series about the owner of an American media conglomerate and his family. Full of juicy dramas.
  • Dirty John: Six-part podcast about a criminal master con artist, based on a true story.
  • Goop Lab: a dive into controversial wellness themes such as energy work and vampire facials.
  • Explained: Informative 20-minute episodes teach you more about the most diverse themes, from the origins of the athleisure trend to the water crisis.
  • Chef's Table: Get ready to discover your inner chef.
  • The Affair: psychological drama about the impact of an affair, seen from every point of view.

Accounts to follow

  • @petitepassport – packed with inspiration for your future travel plans.
  • @ascookedbyginger – for easy, tasty recipes
  • @humansofny heartwarming stories from the street
  • @mindbodygreen – for your daily dose of self-care and wellness
  • @alfavrouwen – inspiring community for ambitious and enterprising women

And in addition to the necessary dose of entertainment, don't forget to continue to take good care of yourself!

  • Get outside. Go for a walk with your dog, work in the garden, go into the woods. Walking does wonders for your soul!
  • Experiment with new recipes and get your kids involved in cooking.
  • Do you feel anxious? Maybe meditating will help you find peace. Download the Headspace app. Recommended!
  • Dive into your memories. This is the ideal time to get started on all your overdue photo albums.
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath. Tip: Our Body Scrub also works as wonderful bath salts.
  • The dry air in your home puts pressure on your skin. Apply a good moisturizing cream from head to toe. A mask is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Tip: do you already know our Boost of Indulgence Facial Mask ?
  • Keep moving! Lululemon offers online yoga sessions that you can easily do at home.

What are you doing to get through these days? Be sure to share your tips with us! In turn, we like to share them with other SELF-lovers. Together we can do this!

Be kind to each other and stay healthy!