Social media is a fun thing – just think of how you can reach or inspire someone on the other side of the world with a tweet or an Instagram. But social media also certainly has negative sides if you don't pay attention. Before you know it, you do nothing but compare yourself to all the beautiful and perfect lives that are presented on social media. Discover my tips for dealing with it:

You open Instagram and before you know it, you have virtually scrolled from the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius to the hip bars in Miami to the best shopping streets in New York thanks to all those successful and super beautiful influencers who get paid to travel around the world. And there you are... at your desk with a to-do list all the way to Tokyo.


Yes, of course I sometimes think: wow – I also want to go to New York for a week for free to discover all the hotspots or do I want a dressing room as big as my SELF HQ full of designer clothes. And I also want a glam squad at my door every day to make me beautiful. But is that realistic? No. So you focus better on yourself: what are your goals? What are your goals. Stop comparing yourself to an Instagram life that is often just for the picture.


Have you noticed that all those influencer ladies are real beauties? The perfect size, pearly white teeth and a hairdo that is always neatly folded. But look at yourself: hey, you can really be there! Believe in yourself and love yourself more. Comparing yourself with (who knows, a lot of Photoshop) girls only lowers your self-confidence. Uncalled for! You are unique, you are beautiful and…


Let's be real: perfection is boring! If everything in your life is perfect, it gets boring quickly. Being faced with a challenge every now and then keeps you sharp and alert! Sometimes you have to be kicked in the face, well... sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, but it will only make you much stronger!

Tell me, have you ever compared yourself to someone? Someone's style? Or someone's life? Are you secretly jealous of someone's vacation? Of course, that is sometimes normal, as long as you don't get stuck in a negative spiral where you only compare yourself and therefore feel bad about yourself!