Treat your skin with a Konjac!

Treat your skin with a Konjac!


It is actually a natural sponge that has been used for years and years, very good for your skin! It is made from the roots of the konjac plant, a plant that lives in Asia at very high altitudes, which is packed with minerals and natural alkaline.


Due to the natural alkaline, it has a neutral pH value and will not unbalance your skin. The sponges stimulate blood circulation, ensure new growth of skin cells and consist of natural vitamins (A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C), they are also packed with antioxidants and minerals, making them good for you. skin: it will gently exfoliate while also cleansing your skin. Your skin will glow! You will notice the difference, especially in combination with the mild, nourishing SELF facial products!


Very easy! When used for the very first time, the sponge will feel dry and hard. Hold it under warm water and the sponge will fill with water and feel soft. Now you can choose: use it with a cleanser or without and make a gentle circular motion on your face!

If you're not a fan of using this on your face: I also have one for my body, because it makes your skin so nice and soft!!

Rinse your sponge very well after use and hang it somewhere to dry. It will dry hard again, but as soon as you hold it under water again, it will soften again. Keep in mind that you rinse the sponge thoroughly to prevent bacteria. If you wish, you can boil the sponge or pour it with hot water. I always take a new sponge every month to keep it as hygienic as possible!

Give it a try and before you know it you will have a new favorite skincare tool! You can find my favorite Konjac Sponges, the Boost of Softness, here in the Self webshop!