Vergeet je decolleté niet!

Don't forget your cleavage!

The skin of your neck and décolleté is – just like the skin around the eyes – very delicate and thin. We all apply so much eye cream, but we often forget our neck & décolleté. I will give you tips on how to easily care for this delicate zone, which ages quickly.

Our décolleté is often exposed to the sun's rays, and the fact that the care of this part of our body is often forgotten means that the skin there ages quickly. Wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity are often recognizable as you get older.


Just as you cleanse the skin of your face, feel free to cleanse your neck and décolleté with your skincare cleanser! Our Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion is ideal, which gently cleanses and can also be distributed well over your face and décolleté!

After cleansing, we gently exfoliate, also on the décolleté, to stimulate skin renewal and remove dead skin cells. You can also use our Boost or Oxygen Facial Scrub on your neck and décolleté. Do not scrub too hard, not on your face or on your décolleté, but just massage gently and then rinse. This also stimulates the blood circulation in your skin and that is always good!

And now the skin on your décolleté is ready to hydrate. This is actually the most important step! Now take some of your day cream, such as the delicious creamy All Day Dreamer day cream or the All Night Starlight night cream during your evening routine. Take a few minutes to give your face & décolleté a massage. Be sure to use enough cream so that everything glides & massages smoothly so that you do not stretch the delicate and thin skin of the neck and décolleté. Tilt your head slightly upwards and make upward movements, i.e. towards your chin and use your two hands alternately. This way you also give your skin a lift!

With these simple and easy steps, the skin of your décolleté will also glow and you will prevent skin aging! It's simple: cleanse, exfoliate (this doesn't have to be done every day, but once a week is perfect!) and hydrate. I prefer to use the products that I use for my face. Although you can also do it with a cleanser, scrub and body lotion for the body, I still think that you should give the delicate skin of your neck and décolleté some extra care and that is best done with real skincare!


Oh yes, and don't forget to apply a sun protection factor to your skin. Because before you know it you are slightly burned and the sun has damaged your décolleté again.