Verras jouw mama met de luxueuze Moederdag-set van SELF

Surprise your mom with the luxurious Mother's Day set by SELF

Yes! Draw a circle around the 12th of may on your calendar, because that’s the day to show your lovely mother some extra love. Mother’s day is the ideal opportunity to show her what she means to you and to thank her for everything she does. Haven’t got a clue yet on an original gift for this year? SELF created the ultimate me-time gift: the Mom’s Self Care Luxury Set, a luxurious set that’ll give your skin the gift of a healthy glow.

Here at SELF we love all types of women, it doesn’t matter if they’re your biological mom, foster mom or just an important woman in your life, this set is ideal for any and all women. This stylish pampering package will give all women an extra portion of me time as a gift.

Taking care of yourself

Skin care and taking care of yourself is essential. And yet a lot of mom’s don’t take the time for this, I know this all to well. That long to-do list, there’s just no end to it. Kids constantly requiring attention and before you know it the day is over. As a mom it seems there’s way to little hours in the day.

SELF’s products serve to remind you, as a mom, it’s okay to take a break and ask yourself: ‘how am I feeling today and what makes me happy?’. Taking time for yourself is important, as it brings out the best in you! So make your personal moment an occasion to listen to yourself and your body. That’s the important thing, making sure you’ve got the energy to do your job as a mom and a woman.

Love for all mothers

I realize all to well Mother’s day isn’t a nice day for everyone. There are a lot of mother’s who’ve, unfortunately, lost their children, have to deal with other problems or lost their own mothers. It’s okay to think about your sadness or losses and allow them in. By allowing these emotions you can deal with them in your own way.

The luxurious Mother’s day set by SELF

This Mother’s day we’ve created a special and exclusive gift. This set contains the All Day Dreamer day cream, the Fine Delicate body butter, the Boost of Softness Konjac sponge and a bottle of Freixenet cava. The ideal Mother’s day pampering moment. Open up a bottle together and toast to this cozy day!

Do you want to give your mother a great time? You can find the set over here: