Waarom tijd voor jezelf een must is in de kerstperiode

Why time for yourself is a must during the Christmas period

Oh my god, this week it really is Christmas already! Fun, all those parties with friends and family filled with presents, good food and fun. But let's be honest, not everyone equates Christmas with 100% cheerfulness.

When I was still working as a psychologist, I noticed that the end of the year was the most difficult time of the year for many of my clients. That empty chair at the table is extra visible, a difficult bond with family is more palpable and a lack of connection with others is painfully clear... And even for those for whom life is not accompanied by bumps and bumps, the hustle and bustle around the whole party events can be quite tiring.

Attention to yourself

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution that will make all your worries and troubles – small or large – disappear in an instant. Of course, you won't solve everything with a dose of self-care. And yet, taking good care of yourself is my golden advice during the festive period. Why? It is something that you have in your own hands, is easy to plan and really works to calm your mind and body.

At SELF we also pay extra attention to this during this period. December is one of the busiest months of the year for us. Fortunately, because without your wonderful orders, there would be no SELF . But all that hustle and bustle can sometimes take its toll. Hey, we're only human. In between working, I consciously try to take small me-time moments. It doesn't have to be that complicated. Some of my favorite break times:

  • Put your smartphone aside for a few hours. It may feel a bit strange to be completely unavailable, but you will find that it is incredibly liberating. And that the world really won't end 😉
  • In between parties, plan a day where you do absolutely nothing. Light candles, get out the board games and spend the whole day in your pajamas.
  • Settle into the bath with a good glass of wine. Put on your favorite music and imagine yourself away from all the hustle and bustle. Tip: A spoonful of our SELF body scrub in warm water makes your skin silky soft.
  • Give yourself some rest in the kitchen. Between all the festive menus, a simple meal can be nice. Prepare a large pot of fresh soup and eat it with a slice of bread. Tasty, easy and nutritious.
  • Rubbing your body from head to toe with care products ( SELF of course) not only nourishes you, it literally brings you into contact with yourself and has a soothing effect. Choose good products that really make a difference. Our SELF Holiday mini kit contains all our favorite care products in a handy travel size. The perfect way to experience what SELF can do for you.
  • Get out into nature! Nothing better than a brisk walk with dog, husband and child to leave all the stress behind.
  • Celebrate life. Pat yourself and others on the back. Be generous with compliments and thanks. Surprise a loved one with an unexpected gift. Small or large, at SELF you will find the perfect gift, for every budget and every occasion. Discover our gift ideas here.
  • Find a nice saying on Pinterest. Write them down on a Post-it and stick them on the inside of your wardrobe, the mirror above your sink... Little shots of positivity that are guaranteed to make you forget the stress for a while.

I wish you a Christmas in the frame, with SELFtime in the leading role.