Eczema is actually the basis of SELF . SELF also has many customers with eczema and a lot of questions come in about eczema, that's why this blog!


SELF was created with SELF founder's daughter in mind. The little girl suffered from eczema, but nothing seemed to help: not the creams from the dermatologist, nothing from the pharmacy, ... Actually, SELF came about from the combination of despondency from all the empty promises in the cosmetics world, a desire to entrepreneurship and the need to find a solution for the daughter.


Eczema is a skin disease. The cause, severity and symptoms can vary from person to person. But the most noticeable symptoms are itching and red, dry skin or dry patches on the skin. Eczema causes the skin to lose more moisture and contain less fat. Children in particular are sometimes affected by eczema, about 10-20%, and often even as small babies. About 6% of adults have eczema, it can also break out later in life.

People with eczema have a disturbed skin barrier which causes their skin to evaporate moisture and irritants (if you use the wrong products, for example) and of course bacteria have free rein. They can penetrate the skin more easily due to the broken skin barrier, causing the skin to become inflamed. The skin becomes red, itchy, dryness occurs. You will also see that many patients with eczema suffer from flakes due to the enormous dryness because the skin cannot retain moisture. It is therefore very important to strengthen the skin barrier for those who suffer from eczema!


If you notice eczema for the first time, you can visit a dermatologist. They quickly prescribe corticoid creams for eczema. These will soothe the itching and calm the inflammation in the skin, but it is actually better to pay more attention to your skin care than to rely purely on those corticoid creams.


You must of course be extra careful with a skin barrier that is diseased or disturbed. Anyone who has eczema cannot simply apply anything to the skin. Irritant substances (perfumes, for example) penetrate the skin more easily and can therefore irritate. That is why it is very important to choose your skin care carefully if you have eczema!


SELF is natural, vegan, contains no nasties, has a skin barrier-restoring effect and is tolerant to eczema skin and even the most sensitive skin.

The carefully selected ingredients are of excellent quality, contain high concentrations of active ingredients and are also 100% natural and gentle on the skin. The precious shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia butter, argan oil and aloe vera will strengthen and restore the skin barrier. The rich ingredients will form a layer over the skin (which you will not feel!) and this will strengthen your skin barrier. strengthened, the skin loses less moisture and is protected against bacteria and other bad external influences.

For eczema on the face, the All Day Dreamer day cream is definitely recommended: mild, soft, no perfume and a rich texture that is easy to rub in!

Do you suffer from eczema on the body? Then the Fine Delicate Body Butter is really wonderfully moisturizing and caring. Apply twice a day and especially after a bath or shower. If you have eczema and you take a bath or shower, try not to make the water too hot, as this will dry out the skin even more.

Do you often take a nice bath? Then add two scoops of the Fine Deluxe Body Scrub to your water: the moisturizing oils will nourish your skin while you are in the bath, so the skin will dry out less!

These are three must-haves if you suffer from eczema. Of course, our other products are also 100% suitable for skin with eczema or other sensitivities! Please keep in mind: using SELF cannot guarantee a cure or improvement of your eczema situation. It is not a medicine, but a skin care product that can help your skin strengthen and protect the skin barrier!